Thursday, August 31, 2017

Shrek Hijau vs Dorothy Berkasut Merah : Ulasan novel "Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit" oleh Syud

Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit - Syud

Kategori : Romantis
Penerbit : Jemari Seni Sdn. Bhd.
Diterbitkan pada : Mac 2015
(Cetakan pertama pada Mei 2011)
Jumlah muka surat : 430

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Dibaca semula (Ogos 2017).

Sejujurnya, aku tak ingat bila kali pertama atau terakhir aku baca novel ini. Mungkin dalam tahun 2011 atau 2012, hanya meminjam hak milik seorang kawan yang sudah pun punya koleksi novel Syud hampir kesemuanya, ketika itu.

Seawal pembacaan pada 2-3 bab pertama, aku tertanya, macam manalah aku boleh beri 5 bintang, sehinggalah watak Pacai atau nama penuh beliau, Firas Adam ini muncul.

Sangat kelakar, panjang akal dan suka menyakat.

Wardah pun apa kurangnya. Aku mudah tertarik kepada watak heroin yang bukan jenis diam seribu bahasa, tapi suka menjawab dengan bijaksana. Walaupun ada masa dan ketikanya, kekalutan Wardah itu, buat aku sangat geram. Itu tak masuk bahagian dia fikir bukan-bukan dan berlebihan haha.



Oh ya, naskhah kali ini, merupakan naskhah kedua "Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit" yang aku miliki. Aku habis sahaja baca buat pertama kali, terus sahaja singgah ke kedai buku untuk ada novel ini, sehinggalah aku tersedar semasa aku mengemas buku-buku aku, novel ini TIADA dalam genggamanku! Haaa, dahsyat tak dahsyat!

Nasib baiklah, aku sempat pesankan kawan supaya belikan aku naskhah baru semasa di PBAKL2017 itu hari. (TERIMA KASIH, ELLY!)


Kak Syud punya pasal weh.

Monday, August 28, 2017

"And you never know, Kat. You might save more than money." : A Review of "The Penny Pinchers Club" by Sarah Strohmeyer

The Penny Pinchers Club 
- Sarah Strohmeyer

Genre : Women's Fiction (Chick-lit)
Publisher : New American Library
Publication date : July 2010
(First published January 1st, 2009)
Format : Paperback
(with serious case of yellow spots!)
Source : Personal
(Big Bad Wolf Book Sale)
Page count : 316

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Growing up in the shopping mecca of suburban New Jersey, Kat developed a pretty serious retail habit. Not that she's a total material girl - after all, she did walk away from a rich fiance to marry her true love, Griff, despite his less than lucrative academic career.

Now, years later, it looks like Griff is having an affair... and setting up a secret bank account in preparation for a divorce. Suspecting her spending habit may be driving him away, Kat's determined to save her marriage by saving some money. Besides, if she does get dumped, she's going to need all the financial security she can get.

So Kat's new obsession is pinching pennies until they scream. Who knew Williams-Sonoma withdrawal could be so hard? But when her ex-fiance turns up with a tempting bargain, she'll have to decide whether love conquers mall.

Such a light read that I was wondering what on earth was I doing by postponing to read it? But deep inside, I knew well how unlucky I was with chick-lits these days, most of them were depressing to read, honestly, well, not that “The Penny Pinchers Club” wasn’t (I mean, it would be depressing for any wife to find out the husband is cheating on her and planning to leave her dry by setting up a secret bank account etc.), but all the funny parts involving Kat and the club members really made up the stressed-out parts.

I really enjoyed the way Sarah Strohmeyer wrote, easy to understand, minus the economy parts, which I believed only Griff and Bree would enjoy. With the addition of Liam and Wade as well, I thought.

There were some parts that really opened up my mind, one of them was how parents (mine, included) never or rarely discussed financial management with their children.

"Kind of strange how parents can talk about drugs and sex with their kids, but when it comes to money, they clam up. Griff and I were no exception. Laura had no concept how much - or how little - we made, and that was just the way we liked it."

And that explained the debt they were collecting, the over-the-line credit cards used, and the irony of this family, Griff was the professor in economy and studied the effects of market crash so and so.

Kat was such an interesting main character. Once she joined the Penny Pinchers Club, she expected them to give her the judgemental eyes, but they didn't. Instead, they ransacked her home for bills and all, (out of her permission, gosh, they could be that crazy tightwad bunch, but I loved them!) and helped her out by setting up budget plans, sharing coupons, and bringing her together to grocery shopping.

For someone who spent more than what she made, to change her way of life was such a shocker, but was written in a way that I was able to understand her situation. Like hello, my husband is going to leave me for some young assistant, and I'm so not going to sit and watch!

Though, to some, the change could be seen as so drastic.

Nevertheless, I had to applaud for her efforts trying to keep both her marriage and finance afloat, at the same time, managed to put aside all the flirtations (and money!) coming from her ex-boyfriend; she was relentless!

And not to mention, the support she received from the club itself :

  • Sherise, the ever-diplomatic leader, Velma, the 26-year-old who learnt the hard way of managing her money, 
  • Steve, the ever-so-loving father of two who taught Kat how to save her electricity bills, 
  • Opal, the forever-coupons-lover, and willingly shared them with Kat, 
  • Wade, the "freegan", dumpster-loving guy with secrets of his own, and of course, 
  • Libby, the "I-have-scrubbed-your-toilet-for-fifteen-years" that turned a good friend of Kat, throughout her journey of penny-pinching. 

I shall re-read this to take note of all the penny-pinching tips!


I manage to finish this within three days! Though I did touch the book for a while back in May, LOL.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


I guess, being different is no good. Like how I try so hard to understand other people's behaviours, to act around them cautiously, to seal my mouth from uttering anything bad, only to be told that, "It's bad to be different."

Here's the mold, just act according to it.

You are not allowed to behave like that, it's wrong, and not normal.

Then, that's what I am after all.