Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello, world! Gosh, it's been a while since I last blogged here. But I felt quite encouraged considering that my friend still blogged on Blogspot, so yeah, here I am.

I wrote something (which had nothing much to relate with the current book I am reading) while finishing my first Morgan Matson's book, which I was totally hooked. It's really "unputdownable"! Picking up that phrase from one of my Goodreads friends.

Anyway, I may edit the content in the future, I realised that I'd been typing in the past tense, which seemed quite not accurate from what I intended to say.

And please keep in mind that I would not call myself as a bibliophile, the title seemed too mighty for me to hold, so let's just assume that the writing below came from someone who loved reading occasionally, alright?


You are what you read.

I saw someone shared that statement one day, and could not help feeling a bit distracted after that.

Why? Because that person chose not to read any fictions at all, which of course, should not be a problem at all, but somehow it kept bugging me.

Was it too bad that some people chose fictions over non-fictions?

I mean, look at us. We tried to encourage people to read, but what if their souls or interests did not align with what non-fictions offered, should we be judging them then?

The key was, just read first. No matter what genre the book was in.

And then, I believe, people would slowly pick up other genres as well, along the process we called reading.
Reading should never be the end result of anything you started, but rather a journey.

The process itself was so much fun, too bad we kept on pushing people away just because they read something different than we did.

What was the last book that you read?

Say, you went for an interview, and being asked the above question.
I had no ideas what other thought, but wouldn’t it be cool if you managed to answer the question with a fictional book and manipulate the answer to the interviewees’ interest?

I would be so glad to answer that :

“My last book was “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson. I know it had nothing to do with what I am applying if I were to just look with a glance, but this book definitely changed my views of life. How so if you asked me. It revolved around a girl named Emily Hughes, who before meeting her currently-missing best friend, Sloane Williams, was a shy girl. Sloane somehow managed to get her out of her comfort zone, by doing things that never crossed Emily’s mind before.
So when Sloane went missing, she left, more like posted a letter to Emily, with a to-do list. The list sounded ridiculous at first, but later on, it succeeded in bringing out the creative and brave sides of Emily that she never knew. Accomplishing the list proved quite difficult at first, since Emily was not someone who was able to do those kinds of crazy things without Sloane’s presence, but I found out that was what Sloane’s intention the minute she decided to give her that list.

To get Emily out to the world, at least by herself. In the process, she actually picked up new friends accidentally, experiencing a new world by her own.
And there’s this one quote I really loved from the book :

“I don’t think you have to do something so big to be brave. And it’s the little things that are harder anyway.”

Every little thing should be counted at least as an effort, and that’s how I would like to contribute to this company. Therefore, no matter how small or big something is, as long as I can contribute my effort to the company, I would do it.”


Open for discussion.

I believe that everyone should be given a chance at anything. When I started to pick up my reading back, it was not to compete with anyone else, but myself. Though I got rather competitive at times seeing how my Goodreads friends read so fast, sobs, but I took that as my personal challenge.

Let us support each other in this reading process, shall we? Just because I read too many fictions, doesn’t mean that I dislike other genres. I do pick up motivational, marketing, time management books as well, it’s just I find that fictions are really interesting because you really to read between the lines. They do not give you the themes or lessons right away, instead you have to read those carefully, in order to sort that kind of things out.


I hope you really understand what I am trying to say, well, since I wrote (or typed!) those in hurry and out of randomness. I have a lot in my mind, so yeah, this is just my way of ranting out whatever inside.

Let us just hope that I would be able to blog more this year (I do, actually, but on my Tumblr). At least once a month? Hiks.

Till then.

Lots of love,

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Sarah said...

AFI!!! I guess I'm that 'friend who still blogs on blogspot' huh? hahaha.

Keep on blogging! It's sad to see that the golden era of blogging is slowly diminishing. :(