Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Of a sprained ankle.

Assalamu'alaikum! Have you had your shake today? My flavours of choice, as for this morning's breakfast, was the combination of Herbalife Formula 1 Cappucino and Tropical Fruits. In fact, I've been loving every bit of these two since few months ago. Hehehe.

And yes, as the title above, I did sprain my ankle just two or three hours ago. Yours truly was excited when she walked out her room, after talking to a makcik cleaner regarding Herbalife, yours truly failed to step down the stairs properly and fell down after spraining. LOL. And the best thing was that, she fell right in front of two men doing work around the parking area. One of them actually came to me, after seeing how I was unable to stand, then asking whether I was okay or not.

Was about to cry from the pain, from the fact that I won't able to do my lab work (and yes, I was on my way from the hostel to the lab, trying to wait for a bus), from being unable to go to KL from Herbalife training events this weekend. But I gathered the courage and strength to walk until the clinic. And the best thing was that I was carrying two bags; one with laptop, and another one with the TANITA body scanner; and the 2-L bottle, full of newly-refilled water.

Alhamdulillah, praises to ALLAH Almighty that once I reached the clinic, quickly registered myself and saw the doctor. Dr. Norlita said that thank God that I managed to get to her quickly, or else it would be worst (and my ankle was already swollen and bluish by the time I saw her). She asked the nurse to get me a cool pack, to be put on my swollen ankle for about 10 minutes. Then, I saw the doctor again, she prescribed me with Ponstan (painkiller pills), a bandage and Flanil (an analgesic cream).

Got my foot bandaged, walked once again back to my room, laughed at my foolishness and carelessness, and cried due to the unbearable pain.

Now, let's work from home, eh, from room. I should be focusing to do my DMOs using the Internet and finish my FYP thesis, but whenever I sit, it would feel uncomfortable. I don't manage to find the most suitable sitting position as for now. Been moving my feet here and there to reduce the pain. I even Googled the ways to get my foot recovered as soon as possible. Hehe.

Alright. Till then! Going to have my lunch first!

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