Sunday, January 26, 2014

My experiences in blogging.

Assalamu'alaikum! :D I wonder if there are people who still read my blog, well, after taking such a long hiatus. Hiks. Sorry!!! :(

I started blogging right after I finished my SPM examination. Abah got me a new laptop (well, not that I ever had any laptop previously, and it is the same laptop I am currently using as I am typing this), and I started to explore everything, most were the online writing platform such as Blogspot, Tumblr, Live Journal (oh, I totally miss LJ!!) and many more.

That would bring me back to around November to December 2007, where I was 17. My blogspot already turned 6, and my Tumblr was 5 last year. Do read my first ever post in this blog, and see if I do improve from time to time. :) (UPDATED! : I actually deleted my first post back in December 2007, well, maybe you can start with 2008 posts, if you love to.)

I learnt (and am still learning) a lot through blogging.

1. The blogging community.

This is one of the reasons I keep blogging, though at that time, there were not much bloggers like today. But the community was quite strong I say, no back-stabbing, no online wars, anonymous comments were critical, yet constructive, and everyone was friendly to each other.

Not that I am denying that those things have totally lost nowadays, but when you have quite a small circle, you actually got close to one another.
Source : techlunatic

2. Most searched keywords.

I am still failing at this stage. LOL. I used to study (YES, study!) how to optimize the search engine looking for my blog, but still failed, well until today. Hiks. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps by getting your blog or website at the top of the Google search results.

There is not much I can say about this, well considering the fact that I have not mastered this part yet. But I found a way to get people attracted to my blog, which would bring to my third point.

3. Writing from the heart.

One factor that I found how my blog posts or entries telling about my crush stories got highest hits, was because I wrote in such emotions that I thought no one could ever understand. But I was totally wrong. While most of us could almost relate to the same situation I was in, others were like in a total sympathy with me.

Ahh, talk about an unrequited love. Everyone has been there, F! Hehe

This is the same thing that I find in Hanis Zalikha and Cik Epal's writings. I mention these two since I have been following them around my early months of blogging. They are both funny, they do not have to copy other people's styles of writing, NO! They are just being themselves. These two ladies are examples of how blogging the right way would bring you money. :)

Source : seanwes

Oh yeah, I still think Hanis Zalikha wins it all when it comes to promoting the advertisement tasks. Reading her ads posts does not even make me feel like she's advertising at all; you can read so leisurely, that's TALENT.

So, three points for now. Share with me what your experiences in blogging. Who knows, they would be helpful for future bloggers.

Till then. Toodles!

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