Thursday, February 20, 2014

Being random.

As usual. Hiks.

Assalamu'alaikum! What a day to write, I mean to type out another entry. I've been lazing, so yeah, you'll be seeing more entries from me. Well, most probably, scheduled posts, if needed, in the future once I get back into the lab.

1. I thought today is Friday. Yup. Due to the fact that most of the time, Friday seems to have the calmest morning ever, almost every week. It will be slightly cloudy, with the hint of the sun hiding behind those clouds.

2. To be honest, I am under stress. I think. Or maybe that's what I've been thinking lah.

3. My younger sister is getting married in a month's time.

4. Blogging is sort of digging my honest self out. It feels so good to get yourself expressed through writing, well as long as it is not emotional and intends to destruct other people's lives, it is good then. Or maybe it isn't.

5. You know that one person that would make you smile unknowingly and sheepishly? Yes, I met that person today.

And I am still smiling.

6. I guess, I am no longer having that sweet tooth of mine anymore. Sobs. I got some kind of shock, whenever I tasted sweet things.

7. I hugged S like crazy, well, it's not like I haven't met her for so long or what, it's just the hug gave the feeling of relief. It felt so good and like she's telling me, oh babe, you can always count on'll always have me.

8. And another BFF decided to LOL at me when I invited her to my sister's wedding. Fine lah. You go fine me a good guy lah gitu. Haha

9. I am running out of time yet I skip my lab sessions so freely.

10. I, too, want to get my own version of getaway. I don't care if I have to go alone. I just need a new, refreshing breath of air. Seriously.

Itu je. Just felt the need to blog. See ya! :D

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recipe : Sweet Potato Salad.

Assalamu'alaikum and Hi!

Please be reminded that I do not always eat that clean, to be honest. I still eat rice as usual, but of course with more veggies. What do I do when I find no veggies available? How do I supply my body with enough intake of vitamins and minerals?

With Herbalife shakes, of course! :D

So, I just finished making my own version Sweet Potato Salad! Mula-mula tu, rasa macam, 'can I really eat this?'. But, I am almost finished by now!

Inspired by Alyssia's Sweet Potato Salad. But using whatever I have in my room. I'm out of greens so that's why you're seeing all red and orange stuffs combined together. Haha. No Greek yoghurt, I thought of using natural flavour one at first, but there was none! So Mixed Berries yoghurt it is for the dressing. Oh, it doesn't have to be fat free, of course. "Fat free" does not mean it is free from other stuffs.

Ingredients :

1 small bowl of bite-sized sweet potatoes
1 medium size almost-ripe tomato (unseeded)
1/2 shallot (thinly sliced and diced)
5 spoons of Nestle Mixed Berries, Apple & Acai Yoghurt. (use the spoon provided)

1. Peel off the sweet potato skin. Add the cut ones into water until boiled. (I actually over-boiled my sweet potatoes, so they were super soft! :D)

2. Throw everything into a bowl, add up the yoghurt as dressing.

3. Mix well and you're ready to eat! :D

I believe that you don't have to be a good cook to prepare this. As long as you have sweet potatoes, then just cut them to bite-sized pieces, boil and they're ready! Thanks, Alyssia! Go follow her on Instagram right now!

Till then! ;D

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Of a tough life.

Is it?

Assalamu'alaikum! How is your day so far? Well, not doing much today, except followed up my coachee.

I am currently in the middle of my final year project. It is a requirement by both the Kulliyyah and university for me to graduate. Well, not that I am going to graduate this year, tho. LOL.

I even had four patches at once due to neck and shoulder strains. Haha
Was it tough? I guess. It depends on how you see the project itself. My project is kind of easier than other people, and normally, I don't have to twist my brain for here and there calculations, unlike my mates. So, the definition of tough actually depends on the days I struggle with the project.

Those were only for one type of medium agar composition only.
It really got to my nerves when I had to weigh the 0.01 g. Even 1 g was hard enough. Haha
As much as it is easy I say so, but the work load is no kidding, and most of the time, is so tedious. Not to mention how much waiting I have been doing, well, you measure some powder for the medium agar, add up the distilled water and let it to be autoclave for one to two hours. The fact that autoclave machine is located in the lab at the end of the corridor, and the distiller is on another floor, I think I walk almost 10,000 steps every day.


After the first session of evalution. Note that the media plates, including at the back, were only 1/4 from overall media that I need to prepare.
My babies, I mean the actinomycetes did grow up well, but I have yet isolated them, so I have no idea if I really got the rare ones. Yes! I am in the need of the rare ones, people! Some media plates did have contamination, but Alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH, no repeats needed, well, unless the number of bacteria is not enough, there is a high possibility for me to start the pretreatments again.

After wet heat pretreatment.

I bet you won't understand even a bit of this entry, well, yeah, because it sounds so science? LOL.

My last attempt to spread from the serial dilution ended up with that. I was so frustrated that I skipped one-day lab session. LOL

As for today, nothing much can be done. The labs are undergoing cleaning and polishing processes, and that really turns  off my mood to do any work, not even writing my thesis, because I feel like I have no muse at all. The mates are continuing their work as usual, and to be honest, that really makes me feel a little bit pressured. They seem to know everything and what to do, so I choose to back off from that environment for a while. Haha. But that's what I love about going to the lab, because laziness is not an option, you are forced to do your work whether you like it or not. And at the  end of the day, it would end up as a productive day after all. Hiks.

The stool is quite high to level up the laminar flow, causing extreme back pain (that's an exaggeration, F!) and neck strain.

That's all for now. Well, I am still juggling between my final year project and my part-time job as a Herbalife Personal Wellness Coach. After a heart-to-heart session last night, I realised that my coachees' goals and my business partners' dreams are all weighed on my shoulders. They are part of the amanah and responsibility that I need to hold.

Till then, have a great and productive week! :D

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My experiences in blogging.

Assalamu'alaikum! :D I wonder if there are people who still read my blog, well, after taking such a long hiatus. Hiks. Sorry!!! :(

I started blogging right after I finished my SPM examination. Abah got me a new laptop (well, not that I ever had any laptop previously, and it is the same laptop I am currently using as I am typing this), and I started to explore everything, most were the online writing platform such as Blogspot, Tumblr, Live Journal (oh, I totally miss LJ!!) and many more.

That would bring me back to around November to December 2007, where I was 17. My blogspot already turned 6, and my Tumblr was 5 last year. Do read my first ever post in this blog, and see if I do improve from time to time. :) (UPDATED! : I actually deleted my first post back in December 2007, well, maybe you can start with 2008 posts, if you love to.)

I learnt (and am still learning) a lot through blogging.

1. The blogging community.

This is one of the reasons I keep blogging, though at that time, there were not much bloggers like today. But the community was quite strong I say, no back-stabbing, no online wars, anonymous comments were critical, yet constructive, and everyone was friendly to each other.

Not that I am denying that those things have totally lost nowadays, but when you have quite a small circle, you actually got close to one another.
Source : techlunatic

2. Most searched keywords.

I am still failing at this stage. LOL. I used to study (YES, study!) how to optimize the search engine looking for my blog, but still failed, well until today. Hiks. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps by getting your blog or website at the top of the Google search results.

There is not much I can say about this, well considering the fact that I have not mastered this part yet. But I found a way to get people attracted to my blog, which would bring to my third point.

3. Writing from the heart.

One factor that I found how my blog posts or entries telling about my crush stories got highest hits, was because I wrote in such emotions that I thought no one could ever understand. But I was totally wrong. While most of us could almost relate to the same situation I was in, others were like in a total sympathy with me.

Ahh, talk about an unrequited love. Everyone has been there, F! Hehe

This is the same thing that I find in Hanis Zalikha and Cik Epal's writings. I mention these two since I have been following them around my early months of blogging. They are both funny, they do not have to copy other people's styles of writing, NO! They are just being themselves. These two ladies are examples of how blogging the right way would bring you money. :)

Source : seanwes

Oh yeah, I still think Hanis Zalikha wins it all when it comes to promoting the advertisement tasks. Reading her ads posts does not even make me feel like she's advertising at all; you can read so leisurely, that's TALENT.

So, three points for now. Share with me what your experiences in blogging. Who knows, they would be helpful for future bloggers.

Till then. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Of a sprained ankle.

Assalamu'alaikum! Have you had your shake today? My flavours of choice, as for this morning's breakfast, was the combination of Herbalife Formula 1 Cappucino and Tropical Fruits. In fact, I've been loving every bit of these two since few months ago. Hehehe.

And yes, as the title above, I did sprain my ankle just two or three hours ago. Yours truly was excited when she walked out her room, after talking to a makcik cleaner regarding Herbalife, yours truly failed to step down the stairs properly and fell down after spraining. LOL. And the best thing was that, she fell right in front of two men doing work around the parking area. One of them actually came to me, after seeing how I was unable to stand, then asking whether I was okay or not.

Was about to cry from the pain, from the fact that I won't able to do my lab work (and yes, I was on my way from the hostel to the lab, trying to wait for a bus), from being unable to go to KL from Herbalife training events this weekend. But I gathered the courage and strength to walk until the clinic. And the best thing was that I was carrying two bags; one with laptop, and another one with the TANITA body scanner; and the 2-L bottle, full of newly-refilled water.

Alhamdulillah, praises to ALLAH Almighty that once I reached the clinic, quickly registered myself and saw the doctor. Dr. Norlita said that thank God that I managed to get to her quickly, or else it would be worst (and my ankle was already swollen and bluish by the time I saw her). She asked the nurse to get me a cool pack, to be put on my swollen ankle for about 10 minutes. Then, I saw the doctor again, she prescribed me with Ponstan (painkiller pills), a bandage and Flanil (an analgesic cream).

Got my foot bandaged, walked once again back to my room, laughed at my foolishness and carelessness, and cried due to the unbearable pain.

Now, let's work from home, eh, from room. I should be focusing to do my DMOs using the Internet and finish my FYP thesis, but whenever I sit, it would feel uncomfortable. I don't manage to find the most suitable sitting position as for now. Been moving my feet here and there to reduce the pain. I even Googled the ways to get my foot recovered as soon as possible. Hehe.

Alright. Till then! Going to have my lunch first!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A comeback.


After few months leaving this blog, here, I've returned. I deeply apologise to those who did fill the forms above or send me email regarding Herbalife, yet you received no responses from me. No excuses to be displayed; all in all, I AM SORRY.

A gentle reminder. If you intend to start any program with Herbalife, kindly contact me, directly to my number, either SMS or Whatsapp, 013-3155053, for a much faster reply.

And yes, I am still a proud consumer of Herbalife products, and I am a Herbalife Independent Distributor cum Personal Wellness Coach.

I provide coaching service, step-by-step meal plan and daily-to-weekly follow-ups for people who intend to :


Call/SMS/Whatsapp : AFIQAH 013-3150053