Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exam's almost over, and I miss home.

It has been 10 days since my final exams have started. And right now, I am left with my last subject paper for this semester - Marine Pollution. Oh boy, how I am going to miss those marine classes. :'( This is indeed the best semester I've ever had so far. I enjoy studying, going to classes (though there were some classes that I did skip. Lalala~~), bonding with my Underwater kiddos, and the fact that being a part of the class, really leaves quite a deep impression inside.

This semester is indeed different.

So what's next after finals?

Internship is coming up. Common term among the students would be the practical training, well, we'll be having that for about 3 months. In the short semester. I applied for Microbiology and Parasitology Department, USM Kubang Kerian, and Agriculture Department in Kota Bharu, ALHAMDULILLAH, I got the former. What makes it sound better, is that USM is just 10-minute away from my home, by walking. :D Cheers to that.

And oh yeah, we were needed to choose our upcoming Final Year Project topic a couple of weeks ago, and mine was on microbiology. So I would be surrounding by microbes, tho it's not part of my interest, I know I'll grow liking them. :)

Having teamix + N-R-G tea while revising Natural Resources Management subject for the exam later in the evening.

During the study week, I've grown fond of studying on my bed. Yeah, I know, the temptation to sleep is high each and every time I try to study, but alhamdulillah, I manage to encounter that, which makes me wondering, how on earth I couldn't do the same thing last semester?? Which had led me flunking subjects. What a sad fact.

It comes to my realization, it doesn't really matter where I study, be it in the library or in my room, as long as I have the same determined spirit, it can be achieved. (Ceh, ayaaaaat!)

I ran out of teamix, so that's my dose of N-R-G tea, final revision for Marine Microbiology exam yesterday morning.

Have fun studying, peeps! IIUM is ending its final exam season very soon, in just three-day's time! May the knowledge we gain, could benefit us in the world and Hereafter. :)

So, here's from Min & Ho, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!

F says :

Bittaufiq wannajah, everyone! :D