Thursday, April 18, 2013

For how long?

Seven years ago, Sufee used to tell us this :

"It's not the matter of how long we've known each other, it's not the matter of how long you've been with each other, but it's how much you cherish each other, even it's just for one brief moment."

Indeed, he was true. Until today. And most probably, till the end of time.

That time, we barely knew each other. We met once at a meeting, and then, all we knew that we were performing together. That traditional dance (which I swore I would never do that ever again, especially when you knew you yourself was not that flexible, patah pinggang oii!).

That was seven years ago.

I wonder how would two people in love could get bored of each other.

I wonder how would a 10-year friendship could be long-lasting.

I wonder how a marriage can survive that "curse of five years". (well, you know, the one that people have been convincing me, that if you manage to get your marriage stable after 5 years, that's it, you both are really meant together, :) you'll last forever.)

F says :

That spark of hopes.

Hope is still there.

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