Sunday, February 24, 2013


"She pretends to be an impenetrable wall but clearly, what people say about her does get to her.. " 
- HeadsNo2


I was once told that, I wasn't feminine enough to wear or bring handbag. The words really hit me that all the bags I had so far would be bagpacks, laptop bags or sling bags. Even the current handbag-lookalike-bag that I've been carrying around, I'll try to turn it into a sling bag. How un-feminine.

And that bag wasn't even mine at the first place. It was my sister's.


There were times when people telling me off, they said I could never achieve what I had been dreaming - well, of course, they told me those, literally - I tried to work extra harder to prove them wrong.

But, I was defeated.

I came into realization that I needed to prove to myself, to compete with my very own inner conflicts.

I was thinking too much.

That Afiqah that you normally see, is not the same Afiqah when she is by herself. The walls she built around her, had turned against her. They crumbled and buried her underneath.

Who said Afiqah is impenetrable?


F says :

I miss YOU.

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