Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exam's almost over, and I miss home.

It has been 10 days since my final exams have started. And right now, I am left with my last subject paper for this semester - Marine Pollution. Oh boy, how I am going to miss those marine classes. :'( This is indeed the best semester I've ever had so far. I enjoy studying, going to classes (though there were some classes that I did skip. Lalala~~), bonding with my Underwater kiddos, and the fact that being a part of the class, really leaves quite a deep impression inside.

This semester is indeed different.

So what's next after finals?

Internship is coming up. Common term among the students would be the practical training, well, we'll be having that for about 3 months. In the short semester. I applied for Microbiology and Parasitology Department, USM Kubang Kerian, and Agriculture Department in Kota Bharu, ALHAMDULILLAH, I got the former. What makes it sound better, is that USM is just 10-minute away from my home, by walking. :D Cheers to that.

And oh yeah, we were needed to choose our upcoming Final Year Project topic a couple of weeks ago, and mine was on microbiology. So I would be surrounding by microbes, tho it's not part of my interest, I know I'll grow liking them. :)

Having teamix + N-R-G tea while revising Natural Resources Management subject for the exam later in the evening.

During the study week, I've grown fond of studying on my bed. Yeah, I know, the temptation to sleep is high each and every time I try to study, but alhamdulillah, I manage to encounter that, which makes me wondering, how on earth I couldn't do the same thing last semester?? Which had led me flunking subjects. What a sad fact.

It comes to my realization, it doesn't really matter where I study, be it in the library or in my room, as long as I have the same determined spirit, it can be achieved. (Ceh, ayaaaaat!)

I ran out of teamix, so that's my dose of N-R-G tea, final revision for Marine Microbiology exam yesterday morning.

Have fun studying, peeps! IIUM is ending its final exam season very soon, in just three-day's time! May the knowledge we gain, could benefit us in the world and Hereafter. :)

So, here's from Min & Ho, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!

F says :

Bittaufiq wannajah, everyone! :D

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Alkisah perbualan si anak dan si ayah.


Abah : Kakak, balik malam ni kan?

Anak : Eh tak lah, Abah, tiket dah habis. Kakak balik hari Jumaat.

Abah : Kenapa lambat sangat? Baliklah esok.

Anak : Tiket memang dah habis, Abah, memang takleh nak balik esok tu.

Abah : Oh ye ke? Jadi balik dgn apa ni?

Anak : Dengan bas untuk anak-anak Kelantan tu. Yg free tu.

Abah : Tu BN ke PAS?

Anak : Hahaha. Kerajaan negeri la kot. Hahaha.

Abah : Tak kisahlah mana-mana, janji kamu balik.

Anak : Elok jugak balik lambat ni, Kakak nak siapkan assigments, banyak gila!

Abah : Takpe, siapkan assignments, balik rumah tak payah fikir dah.


Anak : Abah, jangan terkejut tau bila anak Abah ni balik, muka hitam legam, kes Pulau Kapas.

Abah : Hahaha. Mama kamu dulu pun gelap jugak, Abah ambik jugak.

Anak : HAHAHAHA. Boleh pulak cakap Mama macam tu.

Abah : Eh iyelah, gelap-gelap pun, Abah sayang je.

Anak : (-_-')


Abah : Kamu tahu, Mama kamu dok hepi dapat iron baru.

Anak : Hah?

Abah : Alaa, iron yang boleh berdiri tu, boleh gosok baju sambil menegak tu...

Anak : Oh ye ke? Beli nak buat apa?

Abah : Entahlah Mama kamu. Selagi tak beli, tak lena tidur empat malam. Ni dah beli, sengih memanjang. Bahagia.

Anak : Hahaha. Asalkan Mama hepi sudah.


Abah : Kredit kamu tinggal banyak mana lagi?

Anak : Ada la sen-sen sikit, kurang seringgit. Cukup je.

Abah : Takpe, kejap lagi kalau sempat, Abah gi topup kan.

Anak : Laaa, tak payahla, cukup je ni, bukan ada call SMS sape2.

*30 minit kemudian*

F cakap :

Saya paling sensitif bila orang lemah lembut dengan saya.
Sebab tahu saya ni jenis keras, keras hati, keras kepala.
Sebab tu kalau Abah atau kaum sejenisnya tak buat provokasi, saya mudah jatuh hati.
Saya pantang orang "CARE" pasal saya.
Sebab saya mudah cair.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

For how long?

Seven years ago, Sufee used to tell us this :

"It's not the matter of how long we've known each other, it's not the matter of how long you've been with each other, but it's how much you cherish each other, even it's just for one brief moment."

Indeed, he was true. Until today. And most probably, till the end of time.

That time, we barely knew each other. We met once at a meeting, and then, all we knew that we were performing together. That traditional dance (which I swore I would never do that ever again, especially when you knew you yourself was not that flexible, patah pinggang oii!).

That was seven years ago.

I wonder how would two people in love could get bored of each other.

I wonder how would a 10-year friendship could be long-lasting.

I wonder how a marriage can survive that "curse of five years". (well, you know, the one that people have been convincing me, that if you manage to get your marriage stable after 5 years, that's it, you both are really meant together, :) you'll last forever.)

F says :

That spark of hopes.

Hope is still there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sumpah tak faham dengan diri sendiri. Air mata murah sangat sejak dua menjak ni. Sikit-sikit menangis. Cengeng!

Tapi tapi tapi kan..

ALLAH baik sangat.

Stres je buat kerja, terus DIA bagi kekuatan untuk fokus seratus peratus. Eh tak, dua ratus peratus. Maka, sebab itulah, malam je, terus tertidur sepuluh jam.

Masalah hati? Banyak. Tapi rahmat dan kasih sayang ALLAH, lagi besar, lagi luas. DIA ganti dengan macam-macam.

Tipulah kalau katakan tak lelah dengan menangis menangis menangis. Dah lama tak rasa lembik lemah macam ni. Mungkin, ini cara ALLAH panggil aku pulang pada DIA?

F cakap :

Your simplest acts of kindness, could have "killed" me, tahu tak?

Friday, March 29, 2013


Been abandoning this blog like a boss. Few things came up, not to mention, terrible inner conflicts, the worst ever. Alhamdulillah, for everything I have right now, I'm alive, what else to complain. :)

I miss Tioman, so badly, so terribly. Subhanallah, ALLAH's creations never failed to amaze me. The beauty of the underwater world, was beyond words. The corals. The fishes. The algae, seagrass, and all the plants we'd learnt in Marine Biology class, they were there.

Alhamdulillah, survived from any post-diving side effects. Except that, inside, I was lost.

Forget about it.

Inner conflicts came attacking, again, I guess so.

No nausea, no headache, nothing else, but everytime I woke up from sleep, I felt like I was swimming/diving underwater. What a good feeling!

I'll tell in details everything else in the upcoming post, well, if the laziness would not beat me to it lah! ;)

F says :

Tropical fruits.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jom bersenam!!

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Bagi salam penuh, sila jawab penuh-penuh tanpa segan!! :D

Mood gembira, sebab hati gembira, ada masalah? Mestilah ada!! Tapi kadang-kadang, kita harus pura-pura gembira, pura-pura kuat, sebab ramai yang sedang memerhati, dan kita tak tahu, dengan kepura-puraan dalam menjadi gembira dan kuat, orang lain pun akan turut sama gembira dan kuat, betul tak?

Fake it till you make it!! :D

Tajuk, bersenam, maka F nak kongsikan video kegemaran F untuk bersenam, hatta di dalam bilik, kat hostel, bila-bila masa pun boleh buat, terutama, untuk orang yang sering beralasan macam yours truly - hujan nanti demam, panas sangat nanti hitam, kasut sukan tercabut tapak nanti tersembam dan lain-lain.

Macam biasa, siapa yang follow F kat Twitter, takpun berteman dengan F di Facebook, mesti tahu, F gila Cassey daripada blogilates!!

Dengar tak Casse cakap apa, "DO IT RIGHT NOW!!"
Atas tu, antara contoh senaman boleh dibuat di dalam bilik anda, kat hostel tu. So NO MORE EXCUSES!! :D

F juga follow Instagram TribeSports, yang mana, keluar pulak gambor "50 squats NOW!!", "100 chair dips, NOW!!", maka guwa yang cuba nak hidup sihat dengan nutrisi dan senaman ni, terus TERbuat workouts mereka pulak.

Okey, sampai kat sini je!! Daaa~~~

F cakap :

Target 38kg otot woh!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


"She pretends to be an impenetrable wall but clearly, what people say about her does get to her.. " 
- HeadsNo2


I was once told that, I wasn't feminine enough to wear or bring handbag. The words really hit me that all the bags I had so far would be bagpacks, laptop bags or sling bags. Even the current handbag-lookalike-bag that I've been carrying around, I'll try to turn it into a sling bag. How un-feminine.

And that bag wasn't even mine at the first place. It was my sister's.


There were times when people telling me off, they said I could never achieve what I had been dreaming - well, of course, they told me those, literally - I tried to work extra harder to prove them wrong.

But, I was defeated.

I came into realization that I needed to prove to myself, to compete with my very own inner conflicts.

I was thinking too much.

That Afiqah that you normally see, is not the same Afiqah when she is by herself. The walls she built around her, had turned against her. They crumbled and buried her underneath.

Who said Afiqah is impenetrable?


F says :

I miss YOU.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why you will love Islam? #NoHaters

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah.

I just have to share this video, from someone who has shared it at my Facebook News Feed.

Spend your time, it will only take you about 5 minutes, and I hope, we will all reflect on our actions.


Have we done enough? Have we shown some exemplary acts, how perfect Islam is? :)

Insha-ALLAH, you'll receive some answers there. :)

F says :

Food for soul.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Booth di Festival Kolej, UiTM Machang


Rindu booth!! :)

Serius aku akan belajar banyak sangat daripada booth, sebab booth ni salah satu active DMO (Daily Method of Operation) dalam Herbalife. Maka, semangat tu membara, sebab memang setiap hari aku belajar banyak sangat benda. Pasal ragam orang, keadaan sebenar seorang pelajar, kisah-kisah pelajar yang memang macam-macam ragam. Sangat taff untuk aku handle 3 hari (30/1, 31/1 & 2/2/2013) booth kat UiTM Machang.

Aku cuba apply apa yang aku belajar melalui events dan booth sebelum ni. Hari pertama, takde closing langsung, sebab aku blur, sampai ambil nombor orang pun lupa. Sebab ada yang betul-betul berminat nak ambil program Herbalife, tapi kecuaian aku, bila cek balik kat wellness form, aku memang tak salin nombor.

Hari pertama timbang, dengan bayaran RM2/seorang, aku berjaya dapat lebih daripada mencukupi, sampai boleh bayar sewa tapak booth. Alhamdulillah.

Hari kedua, disebabkan aku tak puas hati dengan performance hari pertama, aku cuba kurangkan bilangan yang nak ditimbang. Aku banyak luangkan masa untuk cuba-cuba pitch. Lagi sekali, takde closing, sebab rasa macam kurang ilmu dan keyakinan. Nombor memang ambil, tapi tindakan lepas tu, Astaghfirullah, zero. Salahkan diri sendiri.

Hari terakhir, jumlah timbang paling sikit sebab aku datang dah lambat, balik pulak awal. Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki, closing dua orang, seorang nak turun berat badan, seorang lagi berat badan dah ideal, tapi peratusan lemak, mak aih, dah lebih range obes.

Alyaa. Jumpa kat Hentian Putra masa nak ke Spectacular 2013, lepas solat Subuh. Sama-sama naik LRT, terpisah hari Jumaat tu. Hari Isnin, malam, sebelum naik bas pulang ke Kota Bharu, jumpa lagi kat Hentian Putra. Dan makin rapat masa kat booth. :) Rindu gila.

Jumlah keseluruhan aku dapat timbang orang, 44 orang kot untuk 3 hari tu, sebab kira-kira RM88 ada dalam simpanan aku. Subhanallah!! Best gila buat booth ni!!

Best tau dapat share pasal kesihatan dan nutrisi kat para pelajar ni. Students UiTM Machang memang sporting gila, beb! Aku suka pandang muka dorang, seorang demi seorang, semua pangkat adik-adik, semuanya muda daripada aku, sambil aku niatkan, alangkah bagusnya aku dapat bantu dorang ubah hidup dorang, dari segi kesihatan dan kewangan. Aamiin.

Kebanyakan pelajar memang TAK AMBIL SARAPAN PAGI, ini fakta. Itu antara sebab kenapa peratusan lemak dalam badan mereka sangat tinggi, disebabkan badan dah masuk mode kecemasan, takde tenaga nak bakar lemak, terbakarlah otot pulak. Makanan pulak, kandungan lemak memang tinggi, badan dipaksa makan berat terus menjelang tengah hari.

Maka, tolong ye, adik-adik, wajib sarapan pagi sebelum ke kelas. Kalau nak akak bantu, cara sarapan yang mudah, cepat dan menyihatkan, boleh call 0133150053.

Bagi flyers, salam-salam, tamat.

p/s: Gambar daripada akaun Instagram aku. Macam biasa, fikah mus je. :)

Sarapan sihat, cepat dan mudah?

Call/SMS/Whatsapp 0133150053

Monday, January 21, 2013

Garlic bread.

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah! :D

I've been neglecting my blog for almost two weeks, well, due to final examinations and the-moment-you-got-home-you-just-forgot-everything-else.

Besides the fact that I am more active at Twitter, I guess Twitter really steals my attention, and my muse, too, since I'll be tweeting anything that comes into mind, rather than blogging it out. Too bad.

Oh yeah, since Hazirah once retweeted her sister's tweet, of her making home-made garlic bread, no photo whatsoever posted, I had this sudden craving to make one, too. I asked her for the easiest-recipe-in-the-world, kept that in mind, and I had successfully managed to make my own version of garlic bread! YEAY!! For at least something productive done at home. :)

Wholemeal rolls (keep in mind that "rolls" are softer, than I-was-supposed-to-use baguettes)
Two cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of softened butter
Oregano flakes

1. Crush the garlic using mortar-and-pestle. I just did this very softly, enough to get the garlic cloves crushed int tiny bit. Kiranya tak tumbuk, tapi tekan-tekan dengan lesung tu.

2. Mix the crushed garlic with the butter. I took out the butter 30minutes to one hour earlier to get it softened.

3. Slice the rolls into two. Spread them with the garlic butter.

4. Sprinkle some oregano flakes.

5. Bake them in the oven at 120 degree Celcius, for about 10-15 minutes.

F says :


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alkisah sandwic telur.

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah.

Apa khabar iman hari ni?

Dah shake ke belum, feewwiit?

Tetiba masa tengah isi air dalam cerek elektrik tadi, aku tiba-tiba ter"RINDU"kan egg mayo sandwiches yang aku pernah jual semester lepas. Huhuhu. Banyak kenangan woh. Alhamdulillah, rezeki jual egg mayo dulu, lepas la buat beli tiket bas balik ke Kelantan. Hehehe.

Erk, semestinya bukan aku punya, guna roti putih je, takde tambahan sayur2 tu. Hehehe

Sebab aku memang minat berbisnes ni, maka jual egg mayo, merupakan salah satu cara aku mencari pendapatan tambahan sebagai seorang pelajar. Bolehlah tahan untungnya, tapi penat pun boleh tahan jugak.

Rutin aku buat egg mayo dulu, bermula sebelum masa tidur aku. Kiranya sebelum masuk tidur, lapan hingga sepuluh biji telur akan direbus, sama ada guna rice cooker M, tak pun guna cerek elektrik. Guna cerek elektrik,"ghenyah" sikit sebab kadang-kadang air sampai melimpah-limpah, banjir lantai bilik aku, dan kena masak dua tiga kali air tu, takut telur jadi separuh masak je. Tak ke haru.

Dah sejuk, aku kupas kulit telur, dah imun jari aku pedih-pedih sebab ketajaman kulit telur tu. Alhamdulillah, takde la sampai luka-luka bagai. Hehehe. Terus lenyek dengan benda alah yang orang buat tekan daging burger tu, memang aku sengaja laburkan duit beli pelenyek tu, sebab masa awal-awal buat dengan garpu, sampai lengan kanan aku naik otot. Serius!

Aku tutup dengan tisu dapur, biar kelembapan diserap, baru hilang bau pelik-pelik, pastu nak elakkan telur basi. Huhu. Pagi-pagi lepas Subuh, tak tidur dah, terus gaul telur hancur tu dengan mayonis, garam, lada sulah dan lada hitam. Buatlah secukup rasa. Lama jugak aku cuba seimbangkan rasa kesemua tu, baru sedap.

Ini rupa bentuk sandwic yang paling hampir dgn egg mayo aku. :)

Sapu kat dua keping roti, masukkan dalam plastik, lipat dan letak dalam kotak. Sedia dijual. Biasanya kelas aku masa semester lepas, jam 8.30 - 9.00 pagi, maka sempat-sempat je aku buat egg mayo dan sarapan pagi, makan biskut dan minum Nescafe.

Daripada seringkas egg mayo tu, aku belajar banyak benda.

1. Practice makes perfect.

Dah buat banyak-banyak kali, baru aku dapat cari rasa yang sesuai untuk sedapkan egg mayo tu. Kalau tersalah beli mayonis, dapat mayonis masam, aku diberi ilham oleh ALLAH, aku letak secubit gula. Insha-ALLAH gula tu dapat seimbangkan kemasaman mayonis.

Katakan aku buat sekali je egg mayo tu, agak-agak aku tahu tak macam mana nak handle bila dapat mayonis masam?

Korang jawab sendiri.

2. Time management.

Masa semester lepas, kesibukan aku menguruskan events pun, boleh tahan jugak. Penat jugak bila balik-balik bilik, dah lewat sebab mesyuarat lama sangat. Tapi nak fikirkan bisnes harus jalan. Belajar pun semestinya penting.

Alhamdulillah, ALLAH pinjamkan kelapangan masa, sempat rebus dan lenyek telur, walaupun jam dah pukul 12 tengah malam, habis lenyek, bilas pelenyek, basuh muka gosok gigi, terus tidur. Dan masih gagah untuk bangun awal-awal pagi seterusnya.


3. Lebih berhati-hati

Masa aku buat pertama kali buat egg mayo secara serius, aku cuma letakkan kotak berisi sandwic tu kat tempat orang lalu-lalang. Alhamdulillah, laku. Tapi duit terbiar tanpa pengawasan. Sebab kotak tu ditinggalkan kat tempat tu sebelum aku masuk kelas. Lepas kelas dua jam, sandwic habis, duit pun SEMUA lesap.

Haru-biru aku masa tu. Tak nangis, cuma terkejut. Speechless. Aku agak down masa tu, memang serius aku give up terus, langsung tak jual sandwic dah. Cuma lepas wujudnya kiosk di bangunan kuliah aku, baru aku mulakan balik bisnes sandwic. Sebab dalam kiosk, ada pelajar yang tolong jagakan.

Disclaimer : None of the pics above and below belongs to me. 
Thank you. Credits go to the owners.

Itu je la tiga perkara yang aku dapat kongsikan. Bila difikir-fikirkan balik, benda yang sama aku belajar dalam bisnes Herbalife. Aku harus selalu berkongsi dengan orang, manfaat yang aku dapat daripada produk Herbalife, dan ilmu yang aku belajar daripada events Herbalife. Cakap, cakap dan cakap. Teruskan bercakap.

Berlatih buat presentations banyak-banyak-banyak kali, tak kisahlah melalui Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, panggilan telefon dan SMS, jumpa face-to-face, dan macam-macam lagi.

Rejections?? BANYAK sangat! Tapi kalau aku fikirkan asyik nak down, macam mana aku nak sebarkan misi nutrisi untuk rakyat Malaysia yang memerlukan, ye dok?

Rudi Samjis kata, boleh frust kejap dalam 15 minit lepas di'reject' (masa tulah nak menangis meraung), then get on your feet back. Dan Pak Yang dan Mak Yang pernah bagi tau jugak masa Zero 2 Hero November lepas, "The NOs will bring the YES!"

F cakap :

"Learn to enjoy the pain."

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jom jumpa Amalina Peter!

Apdet ringkas di musim final exams.

Kalau korang follower setia blog Amalina Peter, korang mesti selalu berpeluang membaca kisah-kisah hidup kak Mel, life style yang luaarrrrr biasa dan ayat-ayat yang selalu berunsur positif dan memotivasikan kat blog kak Mel.

Jadi, inilah peluangnya untuk korang berjumpa sendiri dengan kak Mel, bertentang mata, insha-ALLAH, boleh ambil gambar bagai.

Macam mana?? Jom ikut aku ke :

Alhamdulillah, sekarang dah semakin gempak, baru je dinobatkan President's Team Gen-H (generasi dalam Herbalife yang berumur bawah 30 tahun) pertama di Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara. President's Team ni, peringkat di mana kak Mel dan suami menjana pendapatan lebih RM100,000 (RM110,000 bulan November 2012), dan mempunyai organisasi tersendiri di Malaysia, dalam membantu orang ramai lebih sihat. Organisasi mereka biasanya terdiri daripada para pelajar universiti, di seluruh Malaysia, SUBHANALLAH!

Pernah juga disenaraikan dalam Top 5 carian Google, masa tu income mereka dah pun mencecah RM30,000. So, guys, let's get inspired, shall we? :)

SMS / Whatsapp 0133150053

F cakap :