Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kisah seorang pelajar Biotek #2


So, basically (oh I repeat the same word for few times during my Design and Optimisation lab presentation), I feel like blogging in English today. Guys, bear with me, well, my current English level (or skill) is not at a par that I used to be so proud of.

Kinda letting myself to be stranded in the Bioinformatics lab today. Class session had already finished at 12, but I'm staying back, the wifi connection is good, well, so much better than my room's obviously. (Gaaahhh, I wish has spelling mistake detection so that I don't have to go over my entry, just to correct those!!)

This is how it looks when it's just me and S in the lab. The definition of lab alone.

Today, we had a chance to see the structures of our enzyme in various types of display. What I'm going to show you here, below, are the structures of lipase from Bacillus halodurans. The assignment required us to view the enzyme structure in space-filled format, wireframe and ribbons-helix.

Awesome, yeah I know.

Oh by the way, we've welcomed winter season with open arms (with double blankets, to be honest). The season that I believe most of us have been waiting for. You'll see me (if you ambush my room lah) in sweater or cardigans, pair of thick, striped socks, most of the time. Heee.

Alright, till then.

F says :

Biotech, where all the cool kids doing it. 


Lisa Farhana said...

I don't like Bioinformatics

Lisa Farhana said...

I don't like Bioinformatics