Sunday, October 14, 2012

That person.

Even if you might have someone else already, I would always root for you. I would always cheer for your happiness. I would still be happy.

Even if you never know what I feel about you, it still feels good, I wonder why. Though sometimes it can be so painful that I have troubles to sleep, I would still be glad that I actually have a feeling for you.

It just feels so good. Knowing that I add more people into my circle of life, just to care for them.

I know I shouldn't be so hopeful, but I still want to take the risk and just go with the flow. I would never know where He would put me, but it still feels so good that I just can't wait to see the real reason of my life becoming like this.

I am happy.

I am blissful.

Even if I don't confess. Now I'm taking more excuses not to confess. It feels so good just to like that person.

Even if there were times that I was actually dying inside, after catching a glance of you.

Even if there were times I wished you would never come to be a part of my life.

But you did anyway.

I know I would still end up brokenhearted, so please lead your life happily. I would never ask for anything. I do not deserve the right to be more than liking you from afar.

F says :

Well, whatever happens, it still feels so good. :)

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