Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hi guys!! I'm still alive, no worries, I'm getting good, adapting my new semester as a third year student. here in Kuantan. Just in case you wondering, YES, I'M STILL DOING HERBALIFE as a part-timer, managed to earn up to RM100 in just one night!! Cuma kena rajin lagilah, kalau nak duit lagi lebih, because there were certain days that I actually felt so lazy, so you know, laziness equals no income maa!

We're heading to our second week of the semester, and some classes already had the lecturers bombarding us with basic questions that I actually failed to answer, and we're going to have role-play soon!! Just had the group discussion regarding that role-play, so far so good lah!!

Alright, this is getting annoying, I know, but bear with me for a while, please. While I promised myself not to involve in any society or event as committee, ALLAH has granted me the chance to involve in some. HE knows me more, so yeah, I'm going to do my best!

I have sooo many dreams to achieve, and I need to double up my efforts. Going to work hard while I'm still young [err muda kerrr??], banyak sangat benda kena buat. But insya-ALLAH, I have some plans, waiting to be executed.

Few weeks ago, I lost 'one', but I gained 'three' in return. Subhanallah, talk about the power of du'a, just never give up. TBH, I'm not that pious, yet HE is still so Full of Mercy, giving me the best in everything I ask. Not that I'm saying I get everything I wanted before, instead, HE grants me better ones. ALHAMDULILLAH!!

And oh, I'm currently hanging out at the cyber cafe inside the kiosk, so future juniors coming to Kuantan, don't be afraid, the kiosk is so much more equipped than the previous years I've been saying here. You'll just get anything here, almost anything lah, unless you're a bit demanding like me, asking for reasons just to go out, finding for more things. Heeee.

Alright, till then. I miss blogging, would still be blogging insya-ALLAH, in the future. Blogging used to be one part of my life, but I guess, with so many things going on with my life right now, even as easy as blogging needs to be squeezed somewhere in my planner.

Take care!! Stay positive, keep on praying to ALLAH S.W.T.
HE is indeed the Best Listener, trust me, you will never regret this.

F says :

My happiness comes when I least expect it.
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar!!

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max*bubble said...

So much positive aura i can see thereeee .
Go go kak fikahhh ! :)