Friday, August 31, 2012


Happy Merdeka Day!! Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar. Malaysia has been independent for 55 years now, and there's nothing else I would wish, except for peace and harmony. Insha-ALLAH.


Alright, back to business. I put the title as "knowledge". I don't put any specific reference to it, but I just want to say, whatever you want to do, make sure you strive and struggle have some knowledge of what you're doing or going to do, to at least have even the tiniest bit of it.

Let me share with you something. Even before I started to consume Herbalife products, I had already equipped myself with some knowledge of nutrition, calorie counts and amount of water I should drink. I believe, this is very fundamental, no matter what programme you're in.

Not that I'm claiming myself to be knowledgeable enough, but I do make researches, I read more, I search for the things I need to know. Despite all these, the most important thing is, to get to know your own body. Find out what your body really needs. How much recommended calories it needs. Calculate the most optimum volume of water your body needs.
"I ended up drinking about 4.5-5L of water today. If any of you feel like you’re peeing all the time, no worries, it will only happen for the first few days. Then your body gets used to it. You may notice that your hair, skin, and nails will look nicer due to the extra hydration." - Cassey Ho.

Get to know how cutting calories would help you to lose weight, NOT by cutting the food. You can still enjoy chicken, fish etc. , but for sure, steamed foods are so much better and have lower calories, compared to fried foods, aren't they? Just change the way the food is cooked.

When I need to shed off some kgs, I would use plain water to mix with my Herbalife Formula 1 nutritious drink powder. But, once I reach my ideal weight, ideal is when your weight is not at the edge of getting to "overweight" range, neither the "underweight" range, I'll be gladly adding some milk or soy milk into my shakes. Oh, how I crave to have some shakes right now!!

This is another way to gain weight for those who are underweight.

Or for those who have yet to afford consuming Herbalife, for breakfast, you may change white bread to whole grain bread, full cream milk to the low fat one, and any other acceptable food with low calorie.

I had actually tried that, and it worked if you know how to customize eating your bread. But I somehow got bored and lazier to prepare. :D The reason I chose Herbalife shakes, because I love the fact that the shake is a type of healthy fast food. And I love fast food!! Easier to prepare, of course!

It's all about eating healthily. I don't care whatever programme you chose to be a part of, but please, promise me, never give up, make sure you are disciplined enough to reach your goals. For me, I'm just sticking to Herbalife, because I have faith in ALLAH, that HE has decided that, this is the best one for me.

"You'll be surprised to know, 80% of your physique is diet, 10% is actually genetics, and another 10% is working out [exercise]. You can't just go to the gym, and you know, work your butt off, and you go home and eat err marshmallows." -Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor and healthy living blogger of
See, healthy diet comes first, people. And I have a good solution for you.

I'll share with you everything I know. Just ask me.
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Cassey Ho is not a part of Herbalife. Any statement quoted from her, is just for my own reference and for general information sharing. I find out that it is a coincidence when she shared the good food we should take in her Eating Clean video,  Formula 1 has them all. :)

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Just finished my dose of Omega 3 softgels.
Off to bed! 

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