Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rise and shine, baby!

Those few days, I'd been quite miserable. Lots of things to think and to be taken into consideration. The decision I would be making today, might or might not be a life-changing one. I had no idea where this would bring me, but I put my faith in ALLAH for everything that had been the source of my uneasiness. I took back all my words before this, how I resisted the idea of 'it', how I bragged so much of not needing 'it'. I had consulted with HIM, and how I desired to consult with others, too. But some won't be so understanding, thus I had to decide on this by myself right now.

Until I prove it, only then, I'll convince others. O Allah, do guide me. This isn't easy.

F says :

I'm scared.

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