Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly updates #4

Hi!! It's been a while since I last blogged about anything. But well, for the sake of keeping this blog alive and updated, so here are some updates since last week.

1- 6th of June marked my last day of Year 2 in IIUM Kuantan as a Biotechnology student.

2- The last paper was Philosophy of Science, went out of the exam hall 30 minutes earlier.

3- Well, it's not because the paper was too easy, but I just happened to finish everything a bit faster than usual, plus the exam hall was way too cold, I decided to make a move out of the hall.

4- And the results would be coming out in two weeks' time. [by today, it should be like a week or so].

5- I couldn't believe myself when I decided to leave all my clothes in the store. In a 'fancy' giant plastic bag.

6- My family came picking me up on the same day, but we only left Kuantan two days after that.

7- During those two days, we stayed in a homestay house, double-storey. This time around, my dad really chose a much better house compared to before.

8- But the downside was, it was in Indera Mahkota 15, which was quite far from town. We only figured out the easiest way to go there on the second day.

9- Went to ECM and Tanjung Lumpur for the most delicious charcoal-grilled fish.

10- Went back to Kubang Kerian on Friday, the journey only took 6 hours, with only 3 stops. Knowing us, that was quite impressive, because normally, it would take 7-8 hours.

11- Angah's graduating very soon. Tomorrow, 13th, should be her last examination for good. She's having her convocation this October.

12- And she's been stressing over the exams since last week.

13- Been sick these few days. Mild fever and cold. As usual, I had the combination of Paracetamol and Actifed. Oh, I even forced myself to have Panadol Soluble, too.

14. Sore throat that I had this time, was among the worst. Couldn't even talk properly, couldn't even swallow saliva. Until I had a big mug of tamarind juice yesterday. Alhamdulillah, it was effective.

15- Ammar Aiman can pronounce my nickname better. But he's been using it to call me, way too much. When I was ignoring him, he would be calling me "Kak" with his high-pitched voice until I got annoyed.

16- Oh, have I mentioned, too, that he kicks very well?

17- He has this habit of copying people. And oh, he loves Milo as much as I do.

18- Of course, everytime I was having my mug of hot Milo, he would love to have mine, too, though he's already got his own iced Milo.

19- I still have runny nose, so I wonder when I would start cooking and baking again.

20- Oh, before that, 'Abah, can we have a new oven?' *winks*

21- Get a work OR get a driving license?

22- I already had more than 10 glasses of plain water while this entry was typed.

23- So, maybe that's a reason of the delay or lack of acne growth since holiday kicked in, even though I didn't wash my face much because I forgot where I placed my cleanser.

24- I'm rooting for Germany for this 2012 EURO FIFA. But I have yet watched any match. I think I'm going to just wait until it reaches the quarter finals.

25- Today is Home: Episode #6.

F says :

I forgot to bring back my novels, and my Sudoku book, too. :(


WizardNox159 said...


And I support Germany for any football match!!!

sri said...

What?! Me team Germany too Fikah! *left my 'Bearmany' in uia :(

fikah © said...


Germany FTW!!
I tak tengok pun match hari tu.
Memang tunggu pagi je la, masa highlights ke.

fikah © said...

Haa, amek terus hashtag terus.
Alaa, kalau tak boleh buat Bearmany tu maskot Germany masa EURO ni.