Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly updates #5

Hi. Assalamu'alaikum to those reading.

My holiday officially reaches its third week today. And as you may be expected, I haven't done anything productive..yet. Well, unless you count in non-stop binge eating as productive, then I shall be proud to announce my holiday to be...well, productive. [using three productive(s) in a paragraph won't change anything, F]

1- My "Encik Acer" fell sick about a week ago after an excessive usage from the owner, overheating and electricity overdose.

2- And I've been using Angah's Asus since then, to satisfy my needs to explore the cyber world.

3- Using other's laptop is so not cool. Especially when you're suddenly having this overflowing muses, but you just can't express them, because you prefer using your own laptop.

4- I miss my second-year room in Kuantan. I miss sleeping at nights, where I had moonlight, lighting up my compartment.

5- When I'm at home, I don't think much about guys, much as I do in Kuantan.

6- And I even have this thought that I won't be getting married in the next ten years. Because I would be keeping myself busy. Well, wait until I get back to Kuantan, you would see me pestering others by talking about marriage.

7- I miss TVXQ. Enough said.

8- These days, I've been sleeping at 3 or 4 a.m., no less. And at 5 a.m., where I watched Germany's quarter-final match.

9- I hate rats. I hate mosquitoes. I hate cockroaches. I hate lizards.

10- Checked my last semester's results, Alhamdulillah, all praises to ALLAH, I passed and no repeats. :D

11- Somehow, I have to agree that my facial look on the left side, looks better.

12- Few days ago, I had lots of things in mind to blog about. But yours truly thought that she's a Wonder Woman, or maybe someone with a strong memory, that she failed to jot down her ideas. And now, she doesn't have any idea at all of what she had in mind.

13- But considering my laptop is not yet repaired, and all those 'to-blog' photos are kept in there, so I guess, I just have to wait.

14- Ammar Aiman got some tiny fishes, and they all died less than 24 hours later.

15- Mama is obsessed over her new rice cooker. She just can't stop mentioning how amazing it's doing its job, well, rice-cooking. Poor old rice cooker, has to say goodbye after about a decade serving this family of mine.

16- I should really make a good use of that oven, maybe by baking some food, like Portuguese egg tarts?

F says :


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saying goodbye.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Friday, June 15, 2012

Petua Nak Hilangkan Sakit Tekak #2

Kalau nak tahu, petua ni la paling banyak carian kat blog ni. Tiap-tiap hari, wajib ada je orang nak tahu cara-cara nak hilangkan sakit tekak. Yang petua lama hari tu, yang berkumur guna air garam, pada pendapat F, sesuai untuk mild sore throat, sakit tekak yang biasa-biasa, yang bukan tahap teruk.

Sebabnya, hari tu je, F baru kena sakit tekak yang tahap nak bercakap pun tak boleh, nak telan air liur pun seksa. Dah berkumur dengan air garam tahap kemasinan melampau, tapi masih tak elok-elok jugak. Pagi keesokannya, guna alternatif baru, dan Alhamdulillah, berkesan. Dengan izin Allah.

Bangun pagi-pagi tu, lepas Subuh je, terus buka peti ais, bancuh air asam jawa. Haa, amekau, pagi-pagi dah pekena air asam jawa kan. Tapi sebelum tu, memang dah pekena segelas air kosong. Jadi berlapik jugaklah perut.

Senang je, F guna Asam Jawa Ekstra Cap Adabi. Ambil dalam satu sudu besar, bancuh dengan segelas besar air kosong. Kacau. Nak lagi sedap, F letak air sejuk. Pergh. Terbaik.

Kat belakang tu, yang bekas bertutup banyak-banyak tu, rempah soto, homemade punya. Memang khas untuk dijual pun. Satu bekas = RM10. :)

Alhamdulillah, dan dan tu jugak, dapat rasa tekak makin elok, boleh bercakap macam biasa. Telan air liur pun okey sajoo.

Dan F pernah terbaca jugak, minum air asam jawa pagi-pagi ni, elok untuk turunkan berat badan. Benar atau tidak, F pun tak pasti. Maka, silalah rujuk pada ibu-ibu atau nenek-nenek anda, atau pun kat buku-buku petua. Paling senang, Google saja.

F cakap :

Batuk dan selesema. :(
Dan seluruh isi rumah pun terjangkit sama.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have always mistaken drowsiness with dizziness. I always think that they have the same meanings. Until I Googled the definition.

Drowsiness refers to feeling abnormally sleepy during the day. People who are drowsy may fall asleep in inappropriate situations or at inappropriate times. - MedLine Plus

I've been coughing non-stop these few days. Plus, my nose has decided to go on a marathon [read: runny nose], and it's not helping much in mu recovery. So, I've been on this cough medication, a cough syrup to be exact - an expectorant, since yesterday.
 The taste, YUCKS!! It was a bit sour at first until the liquid reached my throat, and then, the sufferings started. The bitter taste, let me tell you, was the worst. 

But that's not the end. The common after-effect of an expectorant, would be drowsiness. I had no problem taking the medication in the evening, because it would let me to sleep earlier at night. But when I was having it in the morning, like today, I fell asleep at 9 [maybe earlier], and only woke up 5 hours later.

And that was tiring. Every day had become so much unproductive ever since I came home. I really need to get better very soon.

F says :

Angah's coming home today!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly updates #4

Hi!! It's been a while since I last blogged about anything. But well, for the sake of keeping this blog alive and updated, so here are some updates since last week.

1- 6th of June marked my last day of Year 2 in IIUM Kuantan as a Biotechnology student.

2- The last paper was Philosophy of Science, went out of the exam hall 30 minutes earlier.

3- Well, it's not because the paper was too easy, but I just happened to finish everything a bit faster than usual, plus the exam hall was way too cold, I decided to make a move out of the hall.

4- And the results would be coming out in two weeks' time. [by today, it should be like a week or so].

5- I couldn't believe myself when I decided to leave all my clothes in the store. In a 'fancy' giant plastic bag.

6- My family came picking me up on the same day, but we only left Kuantan two days after that.

7- During those two days, we stayed in a homestay house, double-storey. This time around, my dad really chose a much better house compared to before.

8- But the downside was, it was in Indera Mahkota 15, which was quite far from town. We only figured out the easiest way to go there on the second day.

9- Went to ECM and Tanjung Lumpur for the most delicious charcoal-grilled fish.

10- Went back to Kubang Kerian on Friday, the journey only took 6 hours, with only 3 stops. Knowing us, that was quite impressive, because normally, it would take 7-8 hours.

11- Angah's graduating very soon. Tomorrow, 13th, should be her last examination for good. She's having her convocation this October.

12- And she's been stressing over the exams since last week.

13- Been sick these few days. Mild fever and cold. As usual, I had the combination of Paracetamol and Actifed. Oh, I even forced myself to have Panadol Soluble, too.

14. Sore throat that I had this time, was among the worst. Couldn't even talk properly, couldn't even swallow saliva. Until I had a big mug of tamarind juice yesterday. Alhamdulillah, it was effective.

15- Ammar Aiman can pronounce my nickname better. But he's been using it to call me, way too much. When I was ignoring him, he would be calling me "Kak" with his high-pitched voice until I got annoyed.

16- Oh, have I mentioned, too, that he kicks very well?

17- He has this habit of copying people. And oh, he loves Milo as much as I do.

18- Of course, everytime I was having my mug of hot Milo, he would love to have mine, too, though he's already got his own iced Milo.

19- I still have runny nose, so I wonder when I would start cooking and baking again.

20- Oh, before that, 'Abah, can we have a new oven?' *winks*

21- Get a work OR get a driving license?

22- I already had more than 10 glasses of plain water while this entry was typed.

23- So, maybe that's a reason of the delay or lack of acne growth since holiday kicked in, even though I didn't wash my face much because I forgot where I placed my cleanser.

24- I'm rooting for Germany for this 2012 EURO FIFA. But I have yet watched any match. I think I'm going to just wait until it reaches the quarter finals.

25- Today is Home: Episode #6.

F says :

I forgot to bring back my novels, and my Sudoku book, too. :(

Monday, June 4, 2012


Everytime someone new follows my blog or Twitter, I feel very much obligated to write or tweet good things, better things. It feels like you gain this one burden on your shoulders, called responsibility.

Now, please remind me again why on earth I am typing this post while I haven't finished studying for this evening's exam.

F says :

Write good things only, would you? :)

Dua lagi.

Enzymology susah. Bahana stadi saat-saat akhir. Mood hanya datang pada jam 10 malam, malam sebelum peperiksaan Enzymology, yang berlangsung jam 9.00 pagi esoknya.

Ayat epik Dr. Tengku. "Jangan ada yang repeat dah paper ni." Fine lah Dr, fine.

Walaupun Enzymology mendukacitakan, tapi masih tak ada perasaan.

Takpe, niat nak menuntut ilmu kerana ALLAH hendaknya, bukan untuk peperiksaan semata-mata ye, F.

Makan tengah hari di Pizza Hut.

Dan haruslah makan Tempura Prawn Spaghetti, 1 potong piza Garlic Butter Chicken dan 1 potong piza Triple Chicken. Hah, dasar nak isi perut betul.

Faham tak perasaan adik kecil dah boleh panggil kau "Kak", bukannya "Tak", sebab dia pelat sebelum ni?

Dan faham tak perasaan terharu dan tacing habis bila tahu adik kecil tu, berlari-lari nak cakap telefon dengan kau?

Dan kenapakah lepas Isyak, sepatutnya mula stadi Halal and Haram in Food Ingredients and Processing, tapi terkarok lagu-lagu BEAST dan TVXQ??

Oh, exam Halal Haram tu, pukul 2.30 petang, Isnin, 4 Jun 2012.

Stadi #likeaboss dengan meja kecil, atas katil, mengadap tingkap yang terbuka luas, sambil angin meniup sepoi-sepoi bahasa, dan makan biskut coklat, susu coklat.

Oh, dan saya sudah mula rasa mengantuk, padahal apa-apa pun tak stadi lagi.

F cakap :

Saya dah penat.
Itu je.