Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly updates. #3

*weekly la sangat kan. berterabur habis*

So yeah, bear with me for another weekly updates. Errr, tho I know it's not so 'weekly'.

1. "Makan-makan".

Yes, I had a gathering, with the members of Parenting Skills and Family Management section, where we had fried meehoon, with all-spiced fried chicken, some curry puffs and doughnuts, all were ordered from Kak Ina. Some friends helped slicing the watermelons, and Pharell together with Zulfa and Shima, made the best iced lime tea that night. YUMMY!

We had our sharing moments with Brother Faisal. I was [and still am] so glad to be a part of his class; he shared lots of things, meaningful ones, things that we have to ponder on life, marriage, finance etc. despite he had to teach 28 girls with 2 boys. :) The one that knows well where to download Korean variety show *coughs* Running Man *coughs*.
Both shots taken by S. :)
Yours truly was too lazy. ;)

2. Associate emcee.

Mira was appointed to be an emcee for a food certification seminar. YEAY for her! Well, who won't love to appoint her after the amazing emceeing skill shown last SICCA Night few weeks ago, no?
Accompanied her while listening to all the forums and talks presented last Wednesday. Gained a lot, where we need some certifications for farms, fish ponds, processed foods, as to avoid doubtful concerns and problems from the consumers.

Every seat was filled after the first row. Urgh, the photo taken did injustice to them. :(

The participants, were the ones that I had my utmost respect on. They stayed in the hall for the whole time, unless they were told to be dismissed for lunch. They responsed very well, and even asked lots of questions during the Q&A session.

3. Library picnic.

Had a date with S that Thursday. Both promised to meet up at 10, but ended up entering the library at 11.30 instead. Reached the Medicine Kuliyyah building at 11++, but we started off by buying some snacks, having the so-called breakfast. So yeah...

The wifi connection was super fast in the library, another distraction to overcome. I might have not brought my Acer, but Baby W had a chance to be the one to substitute Acer's role. Brought finger-sandwiches [spread with Nutella], a handful of salted almonds, some dates and raisins.

4. Youth Festival 2012.

The state organised a festival in Taman Bandar, which was just on the opposite from IIUM entrance. Walked there with Sue, and we even brought the umbrellas together because the sun was still scorching tho it was 5.45 in the evening already. When we reached there, the first thing that caught our eyes, were those tanks. There might be 4 to 5 tanks were displayed, and people were allowed to enter and explore each one of them.

The army was there to promote some job opportunities to people, I guess.

Perpustakaan Bergerak [= the mobile library?] by Pustaka Pahang. The pakcik even made jokes on us, for entering the bus, just for the sake to avoid the hotness outside.

Pusat Sains Negara [National Science Center]. Did not have a chance to try out everything because it was so packed with kids! And excited adults too!

Cats to be sold. They were lazing around, and totally ignoring the crowds that observing them. Oh, there were also sugar gliders, but I forgot to take pictures. -_-'

Sue's bonding time with a pony!

p/s: Tak tau aih awat tangan si tukang amek gambaq dok ketaq sangat.

Walked some more, refused to take any photos anymore because I was so tired and dehydrated from walking around.

Lucky shot. It was so dark, and the person-in-charge happened to light up the balloon.

5. Pretty Woman.

Finished this yesterday morning. Ahh, finally. The feeling after finishing a book.
*logged-in to Goodreads > find the book > tick "Read"*

F says :

The first exam starts on 24th. 
This 24th.
This Thursday.

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Mana ada aku buat air hoi! beli ais ngan angkat barang je!
hahahhaha tapi still no regrets dpt belajar parenting dengan bro.
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