Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly update. #2

Almost 2 weeks, with no updates, no news, nothing. Unless you've been following my Twitter, you'll know I'm still alive despite no blog updates here. I'll just sum up everything in one blog post, because my laziness would be coming again so soon, so I can't promise when I would update again.

1. Final examination is around the corner.

My first paper will be on 24th, which means the official final exam will start in 2 weeks' time. Am I prepared? Obviously NO.

Oh, please expect a major increase of blog entries during that period of 24th May till 6th June, because that's when inspiration and muse coming out, and would push me to update about anything, including how the ants turn my jug of PLAIN WATER into their swimming pool.

2. SCIENCESS' Ukhuwwah Day.

Layman's term: Family Day. It's the time where you can find your soul-mate if you try a little bit harder. No-lah, it's the time to get to know juniors and seniors, from different courses of Mathematicals, Biotechs and Biomedicals.

Was in the orange team, which was later announced as the overall champion.

Oh, this girl was our mascot. And oh again, she's a friend of mine cum dating partner. She was supposed to be a queen bee. In case you have no idea what she's wearing. :)

3. Lunch.

It's been a while since I last had my lunch in the cafe. Most of the time, I would just buy either nasi lemak or nasi minyak or nasi dagang from the kiosk available in our kuliyyah building. But, I remember promising myself to have a balanced and healthy meal, so I kind of forced myself to go to the cafe this afternoon and had this.

There I had "gulai tempoyak ikan patin", 'gulai kacang panjang' and ultimate favourite, fried tempe with potato wedges. I'm using my own Tupperware plastic container, to avoid paying extra 40 cents for biopack container. -_-'

Oh, I was about to have BLISS yoghurt drink when they're all sold out in the convenient store cum printing center. Only this was left. A blueberry yoghurt. I surprised myself for finishing this since I wasn't an avid fan of yoghurt.

4. Books.

Currently reading two books because this semester I fail to read any novel yet. Plus, I start to read back as to minimise the number of books in my to-read list.

Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels

Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

5. Construction site.

Right next to my hostel. I've adapted to all kinds of noises from that site. The university decides to build a hospital in the campus, which I have no idea when it would finish. Maybe after I graduate?

The dogs were roaming around the site. Oh they even visited us in the mahallah so frequently.

Enough with the so-called entry. Adios.

F says :



max*bubble said...

Eh ? EXTREMELY LOUD ! I got that book tooooooo !tapi tak baca lagyy ;D hehehee

sri said...


fikah © said...

A must-read.
Padahal baru baca berapa chapter je.
Oskar is one annoying kid, but you can never hate him.

fikah © said...

And that's her start of climbing the ladder of fame.
Semua orang minat dia kot!

Cik NurulZaty said...

i can read ur interesting entries.kiki~~

:) comel nya mira jdi beee ~ heeh

fikah © said...

@Cik NurulZaty
not that interesting.
tukang taip sendiri pun hampir kebosanan baca.
kalau dah namanya kerja buat tak sepenuh hati.

indeed, she's way too cute and adorable!