Friday, May 11, 2012


I don't know how much serious we need to be for others to take us seriously. Sometimes, it gets to my nerves so much that I feel like exploding when people take our words for granted. What are we then? Well, only after the product of the effort comes out and shows, then you'd be like "seeing is believing"?

I'm so sick of all these. Stop it before I resort to doing something unexpected. Am I mad? Yes, I am. So mad that I can just fake my smile, while saying it's all okay, while it's not. Oops, sorry, it's not even a fake smile. I forced myself into a smirk.

Enough is enough. Some things have their limits, and oh, I've been at the brink of my patience limit. Hoping I won't be exploding so soon.

F says :

Girl, I love you.
Take care.

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