Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the library. While sitting at our favourite table...

M : Fikah, I have a bad news for you.

F : Apa? [What?] *while mouthing 'Is he here? Is ** [insert his initials] here?'*

M : *nodding* Yes, he is. He just walked around the shelves at your back.

F: *while tears welling up the eyes* Oh, shizz. Macam dah tak de tempat lain. [Like there's no other place to come] Why here??!!

Saw him somewhere around the black sofas. Pretending not to see. Ran away to the ground floor.

Met again after 2 hours. He walked almost right next to me, facing each other. And I just couldn't meet his eyes. MS was with me, asking why on earth didn't I talk to him. I. JUST.COULDN'T. If I could, I would have talked to him, without worrying the tears that would come streaming on my face.

Not strong enough.

F says : 

I iz so sad. #ohmyenglish

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