Thursday, May 31, 2012


I wonder if I am still a human. Currently, I'm in the final exam week, but I just feel nothing, to the extent that I don't feel stressful or pressured at all. When some ask, what did I feel about the exams? I would sincerely told them, I just felt nothing. Some might be annoyed by my statement, but hey, I was just being honest.

I tweeted about this a lot. I kept saying how sometimes stress could be beneficial, as a booster to get you focused on your studies. But until just now, when the Basic Genetic Engineering exam was over, I felt just the same. Emotionless. I wasn't happy, sad, stressful, mad, except for being satisfied.

And oh, your sarcastic remarks won't bring me down as you will. You don't want to listen to what I would have to reply, do you?

While others are currently rejoicing over the end of the so-called killer subject, I am now suffering from stomach pains and muscle cramps. So, please, take a good care of your health.

F says :

Negative people should just stop giving out their negative vibes.

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