Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holiday is almost over. Almost.

1. I went to Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia 2012, organized by It was awesome. I couldn't describe my feelings once I got into the Putrajaya International Conevention Center.

2. The inputs that I got during the two-day convention, were priceless. It's like a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of it. The speakers were the best ones.

3. I couldn't say how grateful I was for those two friends that helped me during my stay in Putrajaya. Thanks a million, Shikin and Faiz, for the accommodation, transportation and food. Not to mention, the time they spent to get me here and there. May ALLAH bless both of you.

4. Few days, after that, I got heartbroken. :'( I felt stupid for crying over the foolish thing, but it was unavoidable. Crying was the only way to get my feelings out. Congratulations to you.

5. No more stories on the red-jersey guy after this.

6. I have another 3 mid-sem exams once I get back to Kuantan.

7. Oh, and another 3 programmes to participate in.

8. I made chilled mango cheese cake. Not bad for a first-timer. Substituted the lemon juice with the orange Sunquick. Oh, and I love the base! Used oat crackers instead of digestive biscuits, because I couldn't find any.

9. I should manage myself better.

10. Have anyone tried Praventac? Is it really effective?

11. I'm going to miss all the NBA games for a while.

F says :

I don't think I'll get better.

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