Friday, April 20, 2012

First artwork.

I was assigned to design the nametags for the forum aka sharing moment programme that was held 2 days ago. Considering how not-so-creative I was, I rushed to a good friend of mine cum a web designer cum a doodler cum anything creative and artful, Ramadana [LOL! I can't believe I'm actually spelling your name like this, hun!], to ask for her help.

There she went, introducing me to a good software that she'd been using, for designing anything [you name it: posters, banners, blogs etc.] - Corel something. XD

Source : here.

With her help, managed to design not-so-cool all-green nametags. I'd have to say, a good mentor she was [and still IS!] for putting up with my lack of skills to design any work. :)

Here it is, the nametag for the forum with my favourite Dr. M.

She actually changed the background into the above one, because the original one of mine was a bit dull and darker. Heeee.

Thanks darl!! I owe you a lot!!

F says :

Green FTW!

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