Friday, March 23, 2012

What is wrong with you?

Oh my, I'm tired. No wonder, it felt so wrong this morning, got a love letter right after we finished the exam. All kinds of words that coming out from this mouth, and the money I had to pay for saying those words, Yes, peeps, we fined ourselves if any one of us said those bad words.

Enough of that. Right now, I feel lethargic. No energy at all. Well, that's just an exaggeration, with this little bit of energy left, I type those words, and waiting to meet the bookstore owner's sister.

We went our for lunch. Who knew that I would meet that person there. While I walked right in front of him, and he actually did not notice me at all! Oh, that girl was actually wearing long-sleeved tee and jeans, with tudung bawal, and as usual she met him with her most unprepared self. That poor soul. I pitied her.

Pissed off, almost crying while walking to the basement level to meet the BFF, I told myself, "This is not worth fighting for. This is not worth waiting for. Move on, never look back."

Shoot! I should slap him at the back with my plastic bag [with that heavy shower gel inside]!

Ah, I need to get busy again!

F says :

Not strong enough.

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