Thursday, February 16, 2012

Very short updates,

Sorry. More than a week, with no updates, at all. Fikah Mus is currently healthy and doing fine in Kuantan, still eating non-stop as usual. Her Encik Acer is currently sick, the worst ever. And Fikah Mus also has joined the IIUM Fiesta 2012 as a part of Preparation and Technical committees. Fikah Mus is also going to have a busy semester with seven subjects, and the very first quiz is on next week. Three lab practicals to catch up, with individual reports for each. Fikah Mus also met her ex-crush lots of times, but she could still manage to control herself. Yes, because she's gotten over him already, no? Contradicting, yes, she knows. Fikah Mus seldom updates her Twitter and Facebook too, this time, not because of Internet connection, but it's because she doesn't want to burden her beloved Encik Acer.

Toodles for now. Until Fikah Mus gets her Encik Acer, a brand new cooling pad, with the biggest fan, she may or may not update.

Lots of love,

F. :)

1 comment:

max*bubble said...

met ex-crush a lot of times ? Wowwwwww i wonder whoooo is ? hihih ;)

be betterr fast mr. Acer ! :)