Sunday, January 1, 2012

Of Burger King.

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Tried Burger King burgers for the very first time, this evening. Burgers?? Yup, I bought two burgers, y'all. From the King's meal, we're eligible to buy one burger-of-the-day for only RM1!! yes, friends, I'm not kidding, just RM1.

Pic courtesy of Burger King Malaysia.

Me, together with Anna, Mira and Ety, went to the newly-opened Burger King outlet in Teluk Cempedak. While Mira chose the Angus Steak burger, me and Ety opted for Chicken Royale. Anna went for BK Singles Mushroom Swiss. No one bothered to take pictures of the sets, because all of us were just too hungry, right after we got our sets, we went to sit and finish those onion rings. [Oh, add another 60 cents if you wish to change from French Fries to Onion Rings, well I bet those reading this right now, are already fans of BK.]


Thanks Anna for the pic!!

Ahhh, before I forget, how to get the burger-of-the-day for only RM1??

1. Like Burger King Malaysia at their Facebook fan page.

2. They will upload one coupon everyday, and each day offers different kinds of burgers, so I say, just save all the pictures of the coupons from Sunday to Saturday in your computer.

3. Print the coupons, be it in colours or black-and-white.

4. Redeem your burger [don't forget to pay RM1], only one coupon per redemption is allowed.

5. Valid until 8th January 2012.

Sunday - BK Fish

Monday - French Chicken

Tuesday - Double Chick 'N Crisp

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken

Thursday - Chicken Tenders

Friday - Mozarella Sticks

Saturday - Whopper Jr.

F says :

I haven't finished my another burger.


max*bubble said...


thankyouuuuuu :*

a's said...

hari rabu paling sedap!!! nomnomnom
thanks for made my day!! and my tummy.lalalalalalala sing a happy song...........

p/s: dah boleh jadi duta BK dah F ni -_____-