Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In love.

WERE in love.

1. The music video is just simple and clean, and to my amazement, it succeeds to let me abusing the replay button.

SIMPLE : No need any dramatic, tragic, melodramatic scenes to portray a broken heart.

CLEAN : Just enough focusing on the emotions on their faces, hurt, but at the same time, yearned for that person to come back.

2. Hwayoung, the one with the shortest haircut, simply saying, boy's cut, FINALLY got more verses of rapping in this song.

3. And I have to say, Hwayoung really got the swag to rap!! She rocked it!! Much better than Hyomin [and Eunjung], of course.

4. Kudos to whoever wrote that song!

5. I love how high-pitched voices of Davichi, are very well-blended with the low ones of T-ara's.

6. No Eunjung in this MV.

7. I think, Eunjung does have her parts, maybe it's in the rap, the one lip-synched by Kang Minkyung, I guess.

8. Q-ri and Boram, too, are not in the MV. Maybe not also in any part of the song. Too bad.

F says :

Happy 22nd birthday, Lex!!
I know you'll be reading this, so here a shout-out for you!!
May ALLAH bless you always.
Have a blast!!