Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly updates, huh?

Ahhh.since when do I have the so-called weekly updates; I myself also have no idea. :D

1. Finished with ALL the presentations. The Ethics one on Halal Non-food Products, was okay. I presented not that well, because I just read from the slides. And for the Leadership and Management presentation this morning, yeah, I rambled. Like a lot. I totally forgot what I had presented, I also forgot what and how I answered the questions, fired by the panelists. Oh, I even looked like a mess, too.

2. I have quite a good view of the new IIUM Kuantan's mosque from my window. Oh picture? Not now.

3. My Sone Ericsson W508, the one known as the flip phone [yeah, I know, I'm so outdated], the screen had turned all-black. Before, it was having the red screen, couldn't read the texts, until it became okay again when Ammar Aiman accidentally crashed it at home. Now, I have to survive with the Nokia phone that I brought from home. Oh, no worries, I will. :D

4. I'm sorry to say this, but I couldn't even reach the middle of Roopa Farooki's Half Life. Errr, maybe it's just me, I got bored pretty easily and quickly these days. Thought of selling it here, in my blog.

5. Now, I HAVE + MUST + SHOULD finish the two Plant Tissue Culture lab reports together with one assignment.

6. Oh, I also have to study for my final exams. Argh, just thinking of the exams gives me goosebumps.

7. When someone intends to change, there would always be obstacle. Yes, I'm talking about you, my dear. Be strong, have faith in ALLAH, and insya-ALLAH I will always give my best support for you.

8. I have a new food-crush. It's the Kuey Teow Kungfu. YUMMY!!

9. I want more Nicholas Sparks' books. Oh and I want Cecelia Ahern's If You Could See Me Now.

10. Finished NS's The Last Song in 3-4 days only. Quite an achievement for me because I normally take more than a week to finish any English novels. But I still love The Lucky One [well, I've just read these two, so I have not much to compare *sigh*]. Oh, and I heard that Zac Efron would be acting as Logan Thibault in the novel-turns-movie adaptation. I was actually imagining someone older than him, but we'll see then. Who knows, he's going to rock the role.

F says :

I would rather take the blame.

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hazirah said...

kuewtiaw kungfu mmg best, me likey