Friday, December 30, 2011

It's hard.

2011 is ending, soon, in fact, very soon. Feels like I've just celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday, and now, we're entering the new year of 2012, meaning, another year older. Yup, turning 22 very soon.

What have I achieved in 2011? I'll have to say, not much. But, there are so many memories, be it good or bad, to keep in mind. And I wish to share them all here, as to remind myself, 'I've been there, I've done that, I've gone through that etc.'.

I met new people, had the chances to know them. I met true friends, and we went through the ups and downs together,  done the most ridiculous things and travelled here and there. I found the ones who shared the same interests as I did, and could talk about them for hours.

But, there were some things that I wanted to forget. That stupid crush I had, that moments when I thought that I was falling in love while the feelings were totally unreal and fake, those who hurt my friends and many more. Ah, why all of a sudden, I feel like I'm writing an essay...?

Life must go on, as cliche as it sounds, that's the reality. Despite what had/has happened this year of 2011, the world won't stop moving just because we are being emotional, heartbroken, bla bla bla. Hey, I'm saying this from my own experience. Even if I found out Junhyung's dating Hara, it did not mean that I had to stop eating and start a hatred-based-entry against that girl. LOL. My tummy won't just stop bugging me unless I feed it with good meals. Huh?

I've started to blabber things I shouldn't, which means that I have to stop blogging for now. Well, you know, the ideas are coming non-stop whenever I tried [and still trying] to study. Hey, F, it's FINAL EXAMS, okay?? Set your mind straight, and study that notes-lah!!

F says :

16 days more.


pjie said...

all the best for your final..

max*bubble said...

Huishhh yang tang Junhyung tu yang taleh blah tuuu

Heartbreakk jugaaaaaaaaaak! :'( wawawawawaa.

Goodluck finals ! :)