Wednesday, December 14, 2011


" I like being happy, staying happy and dreaming to be happy all the time.
Not that I reject the reality that life can be sad too,
but life becomes simpler if I just keep it that way..... :) "

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with wonderful family, awesome friends, and I thank ALLAH for these precious gifts. They have been supportive most of the time, they have been there whenever I fall, not to help me to stand up, instead for me to get back on my feet by my own.

People doubt if I really have moved on, even I, myself, am doubtful of the so-called-moving-on me. But the time has come for me to let go, well letting go seems so burdening, but at least things that happened, happens and will happen, would always be rewarding in return, it's just the matter of time that they take.

I took almost 3 years to finally be freed form the so-called-crush-feeling, because I met a new person to crush on, whom I was not supposed to. I got rid of the crush feeling towards Encik Satu, yes, because I met a new guy. Meeting new people really helps, but when it comes to a person that you're not supposed to have feelings at, it feels so wrong.

But ALLAH the Most Gracious knows better. I met Encik Satu yesterday, I even talked to him, though I couldn't meet his eyes [blame to his height, :D]. I thought, I still had that 'feeling' until I got into my room, calmed myself down, only then I realized, "Hey, I don't even have a crush on him anymore!!" In fact, I even believed that my feeling was not real at all. It was just a huge major stupid crush that I'd had.

To those who are still in the middle of moving-on process, I believe you'll move on. If not soon, later. Love and appreciate people around you, you'll never know if you'll be separated so suddenly. I've hurt a lot of people - my friends..- yet, they still stay by my side without complaining, whining, saying anything.

The time will come, when you will feel right inside you, you will know that exact feeling. Trust me not, but trust HIM, put your total trust in ALLAH. :D

F says :

I got fined today by the officers. :(

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