Saturday, December 31, 2011

F's 2011 Wrap-ups

Let me warn you in the first place, this entry is going to be super-long one, so you might want to click that X, than reading this. :)

Below, my personal memories of 2011, good and bad, happy and sad, they're all there.The order of the things happened, are very random. I'm not sure which is first, which is next, specifically. :D

1. My 21st birthday celebration had been a blast!! The best ever!! Thanks girlfriends, thanks family!

2. I'd pushed a broken car in the rain. [or was it last year?? Lost track of time already.]

3. I became a frequent visitor to Taj.

4. I entered karaoke room for the first time.

5. I mastered the chorus part of dancing for SNSD's Gee, Genie, Oh!, Hoot.

6. I studied with almost no music at all last semester.

7. Ahh, the five-month holidays.

8. I found my new soulmate - it's the Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate.

9. I can finish Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate within 5 minutes or less.

10. I bumped into my crush after hiding all these while, at the library. :)

11. I still love the sound of the raindrops, the smell that the rain brings.

12. I sleep with two blankets during Kuantan's 'winter'.

13. My best friend lost her beloved mom. :'(
[It felt so unreal that I kept slapping my arm, pinching my cheek..]

14. My weight fluctuates from January until December.

15. I found out that plain water helps a lot.

16. I read LOTS of books this year, compared to last year. Thanks to BookXcess!
[and D for introducing me to BX]

17. My girlfriends who studied in the KL/Selangor areas, came visiting me in Kuantan.

18. I've been to Big Bad Wolf book sale, twice, this year alone.
[and experienced LOTS of things!]

19. I went to IIUM Gombak for the first time after 3 or 4 years.

20. I had depression, the darkest phase of my life. :(

21. I went to a concert with my girlfriends.

22. I started to take supplements once I entered my second year.

23. The used-to-be-my-best-guy-friend got married without inviting me. Fine!

24. When you had a new crush, and he happened to be your classmate, you should just keep your mouth shut, keep your fingers froze [as in, do not blog about it at all!]

25. I'm addicted to Nicholas Sparks' novels. I want MORE!!!

26. I'm using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion.

27. I ordered and bought JYJ's In Heaven album, the red one.
[The moment that I received the parcel..ahhh..satisfying!!]

28. I joined the futsal team of my class, and I realised how bad I was.

29. Lost my favourite yellow towel, my beloved item from the 2007 Sports Day.

30. Managed to lose some kgs early this semester, but gained some more after I started join the Maggi-party gang. :D

31. The only thing that I do in Kuantan after registering, is eating out non-stop.

32. I spent money on books and food, and it felt GOOD.

33. My SE phone had malfunctions twice or thrice this year alone.

34. I found how amazing Samsung Galaxy S2 was [and still is!], especially the white one.
[I want one!!]

35. I fainted on the second day of Eid Fitr, in a neighbour's house, and almost fainted in the toilet, here in Kuantan. :( I still couldn't find out what the causes tho.

36. Had a serious cut on my left knee after the futsal tournament.

37. Being suspected of having dengue fever, that I'd been admitted to the temporary ward, twice in a week, for the IV drip.

38. Won the contest to meet BEAST, organized by ONE HD, but couldn't go because of my #37 condition.

39. More K-pop artistes came to Malaysia - Super Junior, JYJ, miss A, U-Kiss [they came like more than twice :D], RaNia, 2PM, 2AM and the list went on.

40. I became more matured, hahahaha.

41. A lot of people took a very good care of me, anywhere, anytime. *hugs*

42. You know, sometimes, your sufferings are nothing to be compared with others. They suffered more than you all the time, but managed to keep that smile on the face, and moving forward like nothing had ever happened.

43. The mango cheesecake in Lila Wadi, is the BEST ever!!

44. Oh, I love Creme Brulee cheesecake in SR, too!!

45. My best best best friend, accidentally blurted out my long-time crush's name in front of my other girlfriends!! :D

46. Distance is merely distance, as long as you're working on your relationship, it means nothing, but only numbers. Thanks, BFFs!!

47. I donated blood this year, making that my 3rd time since 2008. :D

48. I cook and bake lesser than last year's. Talk about this lazy housewife-to-be. :)

49. Managed to restrict myself from eating fast food every week, to only once a month. YEAY!!

50. The number of entries of my blog this year, is not even half of last year's.

F says :

Love and respect. :)


pjie said...

happy new year..
hoping you'll have a prosperous year

Cik NurulZaty said...

nak buat gak wraps up..tpi malas nk menulis..



Anonymous said...

You know Miss F, even I don't personally know you, but I do enjoy reading your blog, if I happen to have time to do some blog reading :)

Anyways, lots of good lucks for next year with ALLAH's bless ;) I hope you will stay true to yourself, even when the time goes rough on you :)

WizardNox159 said...

Afi!!! Next year nak pergi Big Bad Wolf sekali boleh tak? Pretty please *buat muka puss in boots*