Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fly away.

I've been listening to this song quite a long time ago, a little later from when the song was released back in 2009. Never had the effort to search for the meaning at all, because the song was [and still IS!] just so beautiful and melodic. Every part of music, every instrument played, every solo sung, every harmonization by the five of them, really complemented the song.

Bolero - Tohoshinki

Oh, mind you, this Japanese song is sung by my favourite Korean boy group ever, TVXQ, known as Tohoshinki in Japan. This one was from their The Secret Code: Tohoshinki in Tokyo Dome Live concert, so it had a bit, not much change from the studio version. Ahhh..now where did I put the DVD...

1. Bolero - genre of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance and song. [source]

2. If you search the music video version of this song, you'll find one with a girl, dancing to some kind of ballet, but I'm not sure whether it's bolero or not.

3. The wounds in your heart should not just be kept to yourself.

4. It's okay to be yourself.

5. You'll find the time and place to heal yourself.

6. "yume ga tsunoru" = DREAMS do GROW! [my favourite part].

7. Hope is always there.

8. You'll eventually find the answers to the questions you've had in mind, that no one knows.

9. Just dance away, just fly away, fly to the top. You'll come across this part, my another favourite part of the song.

10. There'll always people who would - stand by your side, watch over you, continue to wish the best for you and protect you - no worries, you won't be alone.

11. Spot my Changmin!!

12. Their outfits might be the simplest, but hey, I just love them! White tees and jeans, with checkered shirts wrapped around their waists. #majorturnon

F says :

Take some time to look around you and be grateful.
Things happen for some reasons that we may not know now, but soon.
A simple reminder and motivation for myself.

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