Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Final exam and the so-called diet.

1. Woke up this morning, filled myself with a mug of warm Nescafe Mild 3-in-1.

2. While doing some notes, alternated with surfing the Tumblr, grabbled two Red Delicious apples. Blame to my laziness to grab breakfast. Hunger, starvation, famish. Okay, I'm exaggerating.

3. Felt the need to munch something. There you go, a handful of almonds. Munched 2-3 almonds, wrote one sentence, munched 2-3 almonds, wrote another sentence, until all almonds were safely munched.

4. Sleepiness came attacking, okay, let's have a mug of green tea, shall we?

5. Tasted so bitter because I refused to add the honey, took a small box of Sunmaids raisins, OMNOMNOMNOM!

F says :

The first exam will start tomorrow evening, at 3.


Cik NurulZaty said...

good luck awak.
sorry sbb dah lama tak interact ngn awk.


doakan saya jugak.

mizmarmalade said...

Good Luck dear.. Fara pun dah nak final exam ni, 31st december ni start.. all the best yer fikah :-)