Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No, I'm not okay.

Hey, I'm still alive, y'know.

[1] I won't ride on that "T" bus again, well, after all the terrible things I experienced. The psychotic uncle who sat next to me on the way to Kota Bharu, that night of November 3rd, was scary.

[2] Okay, fine maybe I would still ride the bus from that company, considering that I'm choosing to go home next Thursday evening. Because only that company offers evening trips.

[3] I had the Tissue Culture mid-sem exam yesterday. Last-minute preparation seemed to suit me.

[4] The one-week holiday, I spent my time with non-stop eating, catching up K-pop music and dramas, and playing with Ammar Aiman.

[5] I fell asleep in the morning of the Eid Adha, after taking the cold medication. Concluding why I didn't go to celebrate the Eid in people's houses at all.

[6] Yesterday, gastric attack in the morning, even I took my breakfast. To make things worst, got diarrhea after having dinner.

[7] Today, this morning, I screwed up my part of presentation. Nice.

[8] I'm broke. Lack of money turns my head upside down. Seriously. Is it because of my obsession of buying every book that I see??

[9] Knowing that I spent my money on foods, makes me full, err I mean, happy. Nope, I'm actually satisfied.

[10] Being too loyal, sometimes sucks. Big time. I don't know why on earth that my heart seems so hard to let that person go. I'm not even in any relationship with that person, yet I'm still waiting for that person. S-t-u-p-i-d.

F says :

Now, call me F, the cheapskate girl.

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