Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The books #2

Here is the collection that I currently own, here in Kuantan. Feel free to come and borrow any of them, with only one condition - take care of it like it's your own precious book. That's all.

I only finished The Lucky One, Goodnight Beautiful, I Heart New York, My Best Friend's Girl and Tunggu Teduh Dulu. I've read half of Life Is An Open Secret. Still reading Marshmallows for Breakfast, and wondering when I would finish that. Oh, I've intentionally delayed to read Sherlock Holmes. Ngeee. And I plan to read Words That Matter, at least a page a day, but I have yet done that.

There are the latest books that I ordered from BookXcess, arrived my home couple of weeks before after some problems by the courier. I'll tell the story next time, if I want to. Oh, I forgot to place Cathy Kelly's The Perfect Holiday together there.

F says :

Can't wait to establish my own mini library.

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