Monday, September 26, 2011

So far, Kuantan is fun.

Didn't update for so long, one; my room doesn't get the wi-fi connection unless it's 4 in the morning, two; I'm too lazy.

1. I'm mad, pissed off for some 'stupid' things. Ended up writing my feelings on some papers, and after a while, the anger was gone. I'm glad that I've finally come back to writing everything I feel, so that I can just move on from depression.

2. Still up, because I need to finish four chapters of cell and tissue culture of plants and animals. Need to be reminded over and over again, the quiz is on Tuesday, F.

3. There IS a freaking reason why I take few hours to complete one chapter of cell and tissue culture [while others could simply finish at least two chapters by the same time]...because I get distracted pretty easily.

4. Kuantan is fun so far, no kidding. I love the 'winter' season.

5. I miss Ammar Aiman very much. Looking at his pictures, makes me crying. I want to go home so badly just to cuddle him.

6. Old crush memories came back after suddenly saw him in a video and his name popped into my Facebook News Feed. How irony.

7. Facebook's new features suck, big time. After changing the language setting to Bahasa Melayu, I'll get the old one back. Still, it feels weird.

8. "You don't simply make fun of other person's notes."

9. P-Day started yesterday.

10. That girl, with the Aquarius sign, born in January, eldest in her siblings, loves K-pop, has an 'Angah' with only 1-year difference; has the same way of thinking, state of mind, feelings, interests, perspectives and views on life just like yours truly. Introducing, the other F. Mind you, she's a real friend, not an imaginary one.

11. Oh, just because you make fun of me, I won't do the same to you.

12. AGAIN, cell and tissue culture quiz is on Tuesday, 27th of September.

13. Not all calls with long numbers are scam. One of them could be a call from your friend studying in overseas.

14. There are too many tiny insects in my compartment right now. Why do you guys have to come in, just because my study lamp is on?? Is the lamp that attractive??

15. To make ketupat from scratch using the coconut hard. [It took like forever just to google what's "anyam" in English, and I ended up ignoring it after that.]

16. Just listen, no advice unless it is asked.

17. The wi-fi connection is slowing down. I'd better finish this before it can't be published.

18. That "crush", "like" feeling is a sign from Allah. It's a blessing, thus appreciate it.

19. F can be random MOST of the time. Sometimes, because she has too much in her mind, she would end up mumbling when she tries to convey the messages.

20. Found out something last night. It's unexpected.

F says :

If you finish reading from 1 to 20, then, congratulations.

No prize anyway.


Cik NurulZaty said...

hey gurl.~ wazzup..

:) snyum2 slalu ok~

ken said...

i congratulate myself :P