Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Numbers.'s been a while since I last updated my blog. Well, I've been tooooooooooo lazy, like seriously.

So it's not much I want to say here, just want to share how some random numbers have been calling my Abah since this morning. My Abah refused to pick up any of the calls, because the numbers were so weird, and of course, Abah won't take any unfamiliar numbers.

Here are the numbers :

[it got 12 eights, mind you!!]


So I just Googled, only to find out a lot of people were having the same problem, where the numbers won't just stop calling unless they picked it up. This goes for the first and third number, while I know nothing what the second number is all about. The links are up there.

Thanks to whocallsme, I, at least had a brief idea where the numbers came from, to explain to both of my parents. SO, we reached a conclusion that, DO NOT TAKE THE CALL from the numbers AT ALL!!!

F says :



max*bubble said...

Oh my fren had the same experience too . But hers was a message . Tataw bahasa ape . Nak kate typo , melampau puleeekkk . hoho . Scary !!!

mizmarmalade said...

peliknye number tu fikah.. mmg scary~