Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hi!! My name is Ammar Aiman!!

Full name, Muhammad Ammar Aiman bin Mustafpa. Yes, he's the youngest in my siblings. Going to turn 10-months old by this August 11th. Level of naughtiness : EXTREMELY naughty!! And he can even flirt at his very young age with another baby girl named Fina, the grand-daughter of one of my neighbours!! How AWESOME is that???!!!

Ignore the mess, please. They're all for his safety and protection. XD

At home, the family calls him "Ammar", but my friends acknowledge him as "Aiman", because Aiman sounds young and fresh, compared to Ammar which sounds a bit more matured, as some of them claimed. Hehehe. The first word he muttered, was "Bah", that's for my Abah. Only then, he succeeded calling my Mom "Ma" after LOTS of trials and practices!! The others were like "Tatak", stood for me and the other sisters, it's for Kakak.

He is the most courageous and bravest baby kid that I've ever known. He's not scared to Moy, our cat, he could stand looking at those mannequins at apparel stores without even blinking, he could crawl at a very amazing speed, and he could run very fast assisted with his walker when I chase him. However, my adorable baby brother has been down with fever for a couple of days already. He has been vomitting and had diarrhea few times already. My parents already brought him to a doctor, and he's been given some medications. Well, the sickness didn't stop him from being all-active and all, as he could still laugh as usual.

Well, let's just wish for him to get better soon. And I know he will, because he;s such a strong baby brother.

F says :

I don't think I can be apart from him when my semester breaks end.


sri said...

he has a pair of beautiful eyes! *envy* :DD!

Cik NurulZaty said...

agreed with srii!
mata dia cantikk..

lentik gitu..

Anonymous said...

jg adik sendiri mcm jg baby sendirik lak

ney said...

fikah, seriously jelez ngn mu. shda nak adek kecik gak=(

cepatnye die belajar ckp ye, sepupu shda da 2 thun ta ckp ag.

btw, kem salam pelok cium kat ammar aiman!=)

mizmarmalade said...

Adorable! kiut cgt ooohhh! muah adek! hehe :)