Friday, July 1, 2011

BEAST is coming to Malaysia.

Won't say much, except for the fact that I won two Rock Zone tickets from ONE TV Asia, the channel 393 in Astro if you subscribe Astro B.yond, but I can't go. Most friends knew the reason why, and knew how devastated I was when I just couldn't go.

I got a call from the ONE HD few days ago, and told that I'd won. After an hour of excitement, I was told, I couldn't go. Disappointed, I sent an email to the ONE staff, informing that I won't be going. It won't be fair if I just kept quiet, while they could give the prize to some other deserving winners.

I cried, all day and all night. I'm still mad tho, but I can't do anything about it. Angah even told me that if it were her, she would just go. Yeah, I would go without hesitation if I were to follow my rebellious side. Ahhh, just thinking about it alone, would make me sad. THIS IS SO SAD weh!!!!

Thank you so much, ONE TV ASIA!! AT least the news made my day, even it's just for a while.

F says :

Today is BEAST Concert Day, but I won't be there.
*cries again*


ney said...

fikah, jangan sedeyh ye.. think on the bright side.(betol tak ayat shda ni?,hee) ur parents tak kasi pegi ye..emm,kalau shda kat tempat fikah pon, mesti shda sedey, tp shda taw tu mesti Allah tak nak kita pergi tempat2 camtu. smile ya dear=)

Anonymous said...

mcm nak kasian

hmm... tak payah le

cik zatil said...

adek takmo sedeyy sedeyy
pasti ada hikmahnya!


airaniez wirdani said...

Kenapa takleh gi?konsert2 camni slalu ramai orang kan..