Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I've been doing these few days??

Basically, I was [and still AM!!] back with my download-freak attitude. Everytime I got time, I would be downloading up to 5 episodes per day because of the small size of each episode, which is just 200 MB ++. The quality is just okay, well, for those who is used to watch any drama in HD, well, I would say, this is a bit of low quality one. I guess, I would be spending my time to download the HD version, once I think the drama is worth my time downloading tho. See if I got some time more before I return to Kuantan after the Eid.

I am into Autumn's Concerto, a Taiwanese drama and  has finished few movies, Korean and Japanese ones. I'll share what I watch later on.

Well, I just finished only until episode 7, after skipping few minutes, or maybe more, of each episode. I'll have to say, the drama is cliche and typical drama where "a bad-ass guy meets the good girl but can still spank him with her words, and then the boy falls in love with her, thus he changes for better and they fall in love" and bla bla bla. And they actually had a son later on. A cute son!!!

I expect myself to be involved with this drama only up until 10th episode [this one has 21 episodes, weh!!], until I met Xiao Le, the cute kid character in the drama in the 7th episode last night. I'm seeing myself finishing this drama until the final episode because of Xiao Le!!

Needless to say, the hero, Vanness Wu, playing Ren Guang Xi, is another reason for me to stay engaged with this drama till the end. As for me, sometimes I find it hard to like a guy with medium-long hair and short hair, both at the same time. But it's a whole different case for him, because he just looks both hot and cool with any hairstyle!! Oh, he sounds so sexy when he speaks in English!!! [SPOILER : too much showing abs!!]



I would have to finish this drama first, only then, I could give my 10 cent about it, though I'm not a good reviewer. Ha.ha.ha. This drama has aired back in 2010, and I know I'm so last year that I'm only watching it now, but who cares???!! Ha.ha.ha.

An adorable, cute and dorky family.

F says :

Now, let's get back to work, errr, I mean, download.


kays said...

saya naak kutip semua cerita akak download dekat Kuantan nnti ! Hahaha

Far said...

k.fikah, autumn concerto sgt awesome kan??

vanness keluar je aku jerit.
xiao le keluar LAGI aku jerit!

shindosai said...

download2..sebelum kene block..hehe

ken said...

used to download alot back in uni.. but now, no proper internet.. cannot download la :P

Aimi dan Pakcik Hashim said...

200mb punya ler lama nak download

kalau aku... anime lg best layan. aku layan online

shuzzack said...

nnti nk kopi autumn concerto^^