Saturday, June 25, 2011

A black desktop background??

My current [well it's been a while actually] desktop background, is all-black. Not the all-black as in the New Zealand's rugby team, but it's just the pure black background. Yeah I know what's in your mind - it's boring and dull and has no life - well I do agree until some points.

And most of the time, I hide all the desktop icons. Because they are just so many things up there, so I end putting them into hiding. But everything has a reason, not to exclude my action.

How to hide the icons :

Right-click on the desktop [on empty spaces, not on any of the icons] >> View >> Show Desktop Icons [make sure it's untick]

I was convinced few weeks back - when the news of Malaysian electricity tariff would be increased, came out - by few friends that, changing you desktop background, screen saver, to a black one, would actually help to reduce the amount of electricity used. To be honest, I was not sure whether that was proven or not, but I just did it anyway. So, why don't you just do like what I did, and proved by comparing electric bills for this month and the upcoming month, so that we can rest assure that we've done the right thing..would you??

Not only that, I was suggested to change my previous homepage of Google, into something else - Saves Watts - which I believe most of us already knew about this. Well, the reasons are pretty clear, just like the above, we'll save energy when we save watts.

Okay, that's all. Now I have to think what to eat for my breakfast.

F says :

My body gets tired pretty easily these few days, that I have to sleep early everyday.
As early as 10 o'clock at night!!


Cik NurulZaty said...

ohh..leh save energy ek?

my dkstop bckground skrg dh la putih..putih blank gak..ahaha

Roza Ami Nanomiya said...

aku punya background tade wallpaper T__T

Kendra Bing said...

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