Monday, June 6, 2011

Abah and his Maggi.

Abah saw this on my laptop, as soon as he came from the kitchen. He was like, "Wah, sedapnya nampak Maggi tu!!" [Wow, what a delicious-looking Maggi!!]. At first, I thought he was just teasing me, or praising himself, but, no, he wasn't. He was about to go until he came looking again, "Is that the Maggi that I cooked just now?? You took picture of it, wasn't it??". And I was "Hehehehe..."

He must be feeling proud right now. But hey, isn't that the same way Maggi you always cook, Abah?? :))

F says :

I took more than 30 minutes of finishing that.
Too absorbed with the Internet.


kembatolo™ said...

maggi goreng ke?

Anonymous said...

kalau ko buat review best2... lg ler abah ko proud sampai kembang hidung

airaniez wirdani said...

Baru makan maggie cup kat opis ni..maggie goreng dalam gambar ni,nampak lagi *enak*..huhu