Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love lesson #1

On Rainy Days - BEAST

I admit, recently, not recently, it's been a while actually, I'm more attracted to a guy with a great personality, before his face. Well, put aside Changmin and Junhyung, they're the exceptions tho. Heeee.

I'm typing this, not because I'm currently in love, or whatsoever anything that crosses your mind when we talk about love. But it just pops into my mind tonight, I asked myself, have I ever loved someone from different gender sincerely??

9 years ago, it was my puppy love. I don't know whether to even call it LOVE, but he was [and I hope he still is] seriously a nice and good guy. Handsome?? Well, as for me, he didn't fit well to my dream guy criteria. But good thing about him, he always made me feel so good and comfortable around him. And he had a very good sense of humour, making me laughed non-stop every time we hanged around. More stories about him, read here . He left for USA when we were 13, came back at the end of the same year he left, he did contact me, but we didn't go far. And I lost contact with him afterwards.

First love?? Love at the first sight?? I don't know whether I've ever had felt that.

Crushes?? Countless. Here and there. I even had one crush every academic year when I was in high school. From the seniors, to my own batchmates. I didn't think I ever had a crush on any of my classmate tho, well, even I had, it's all started after I ended my high school.

I did fall for a guyfriend of mine. Never knew he was sooooo nice and good and caring and funny, and all, because he never showed all of that when we were in school. Well, maybe because I wasn't that close with him at school, and maybe it's only me that found out how nice he was, only after school.

Who's that guy?? Hey come on!! I told about him so many times here, that I believed some of you had gone puking, after reading those stories of him. Just search under the keyword "crushes", you'll find them all. Hahaha.

Love lesson for today : 

Confess, if you like that person. Who knows, he or she likes you for a long time, just like you do.
But for any scaredy-cat like me, well, let us search the BEAST BEST way to confess without hurting or embarrassing ourselves.

F says :

I love rain.

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Si KuCar KaciR said...

LOve rain too. It's just countless. :)