Sunday, May 22, 2011


What past is past, just put it behind you. Easily said, right?? But I always do believe, everything happens for a good reason. Seriously.

I know well, I am not a good or right person to talk about separation. I'll leave that to the most expertised people. My simple note for you, stay strong and move on. Maybe not now, but soon, trust me, you'll be strong than ever and could be telling those stories of yours to your children, or maybe grandchildren.

The Heart-breaking Story - Wheesung feat Junhyung [BEAST/B2ST]

My so-called ex rapped for this song. It still doesn't ring you a bell, right?? It's Junhyung, baby. My Mr Joker. Heee. Love this song soooooo freaking much. Maybe the soft, melodious voice of  the ballad singer, Wheesung, makes the song sounds so perfect.

The lyrics, needless to say, is so meaningful. Kudos to those who translated the lyrics, you've done a well-deserved-two-thumbs-up job!! Well, as for the music video, it's simple, yet enough to deliver the story of the song.

I want the glasses that Junhyung wore in the MV so badly, can I??!!!

Also known as Heartsore Story.

F says :

I know, this is not enough.


kays said...

sedih nye lagu niee T_T

Cik NurulZaty said...

awk knapa ni fikah??


em ni lagu yg u bagi kt i ritu kan..