Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Three: 10 things I hate

Hate is a strong word, you know?? Well, I do hate some things, but some are much better to be put as 'dislike'.

1. Cockroaches.

When I was small, I never knew that those cockroaches could actually fly. So, facing them, wasn't that scary, until one day, when I encountered the one that actually flew towards me. Later on, when the presence of one of them could be felt and told, I would be the first person to run away. Only when I was alone, well, at least, I had the effort to search for Ridsect aerosol can, and sprayed to it as much as I could. Then, it would be left in dizziness until it rested in peace.

2. Lizards.

I seriously hate these creatures. I do find them at home, but it's in Kuantan, the beginning of all the hatred. They appeared out of nowhere, much to my surprise. To make it worse, they always came in the middle of the night, when I was studying, listening to music or watching some random videos. Oh, the sound that they made, oh my gosh, it's freaking annoying. There was one case, when I was sleeping at night, I could hear it's making noise just next to me!!

3. Mosquitoes.

At home, they were a lot. And still are. Sometimes, even there's only one left, that flying creature with its noise, loved to linger around my head, specifically, my ears. Like there's no other place to fly around. Not to mention, the marks they left on my legs, my arms and all, it's sooooooo itchy!!

4. Hot weather.

I am fine with the warm one, but having the current weather just like right now, at home, the temperature actually reaches at about 38 degrees Celcius. I sweat, more than I have ever had when I was exercising. Doing just a little bit of work, with the least effort ever, could make my shirt wets from all the sweats. Feels like I've been doing labour work.

5. Sleepiness.

Especially when I was having a serious lecture to focus on. That happened, mostly, whenever I lack of sleep, OR sleep too much. It seriously makes me tired all day, and I tend to spend the other free time, just to sleep. Well, I actually love sleeping, so I guess, this one, should just be in the 'dislike' category.

6. Empty purse.

I actually sympathize with myself. I hate seeing the purse is only filled with coins *sob sob sob*, and I have to travel so far just to withdraw, just to make sure my purse, is at least having some real money. Hahaha.

7. Misplaced things.

To make it look more pathetic, the thing that I'm searching for, actually is just around me. Like a pen, it's just at the corner of the study table.

8. Brassica junsea.

In English, it's the mustard green. In Malay, 'sawi'. I don't know why, but I just remove all of the pieces whenever I find them in my food.

9. ***

10. ***

So I'm stucked. I don't know what else I hate. You tell me.

F says :

I do watch AF9.

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