Monday, May 16, 2011

The books.

I have about 10 books, pending to be read. Hahaha. I'm too lazy. Lazy for anything. The only thing I care about is my onion plant. That's all. Oh, and eating, too. Mama made the best "ayam masak kicap" [chicken in the soy sauce] in the world!! Three plates of rice for my dinner, oh plus the 4 pieces of the chicken. Mama jjang!!

Thank you so much BookXcess!! My Abah banked in the RM 83 by Thursday, they posted through the Pos Laju [as I requested] on Friday and I received all 4 of them, yesterday, Sunday. YEAY!! I'll tell more in other entry if I were not so lazy. Hahaha.

F says :

Is till recovering from the after-effect of consuming the Actifed.
It's a cold medicine.

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