Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being me #2

Alhamdulillah, thanks for everyone's concern, I woke up this morning with a better throat. Hahaha. Anna suggested that I should drink the tamarind juice and lots of water, which I did, before I slept last night. Not the tamarind juice, because I was too lazy to mix the tamarind paste with water at 3 o'clock in the morning. I drank about a glass of water, plus taking a lozenge of Fisherman's Friends Sugar Free Lemon, my throat did get better.

Thanks also to my beloved cik Zaty and 'akak misi' dearie, cik Nurain. Hahaha. Except for my cracked lips, everything went well and I even got the strength to make the simplest thick mushroom soup ever. I'll post the entry later on.

The whole family, well, except Opah-lar, is all addicted to iced Milo. In every two weeks or less, we would always have to buy a new pack of 1kg Milo.

My Mama invited me, or should I say, sort of forcing me, hahaha, to do a joint-venture with her, for a carnival in USM hospital next week. Mama would be selling her infamous soto, its paste and sambal kicap, too. So, she asked me to prepare the poster, the price list, and even to bake some cookies and cakes. Thus, we'll be going out to get the stuffs needed and I'm still drafting what to bake or cook, and have to prepare the ingredients' list, too.

I'm out of ideas, so I'll be giving myself until this evening, to finish the list.

Oh, my onion plant went wilted, sob sob sob. I'm planting the new ones, and I must also get ready for new plants, like the tomatoes and aubergines, since Abah bought the seeds this morning. The soil is ready and maybe this evening, I'll fill the pots, if I were not so lazy. Hahaha

F says :

I lost my mood of downloading.


a's said...

no biggie dear! Get well soon!

jangan lupa minum air banyak2 ye.and rest

Gnie@SimplyStyle said...

crack lips...pakai lipice lip balm...terbaek =)