Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's raining, and my heart cries again.


This song was the one that I posted in my previous entry. If you're a BEAST fan, you know how this song can be so much addicting. The song that you would never grow tired listening to it over and over and over again. Just listening to the music alone, it kinda breaks my heart. I just can relate with it.

What is this song about?? Talk about rainy days, what do you feel?? What do your heart yearn for when your days are accompanied with raining non-stop?? Well, since I'm a rain-lover, I'll be jumping in delight, I just love listening to every drop of it, which I believe, bringing every story of each of it. Ahhh, what am I rambling here?? This is so confusing even for myself!!!!

From left :
Yong Junhyung, Son Dongwoon, Yang Yoseob,
Lee Kikwang, Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung
Picture source : here

This song is mainly about the regret feeling of a guy, for letting go the girl he used to love.

I can’t get out from the thoughts of you 

Well, I guess, he is still loving the girl, but you know, when it comes talking about a guy's pride and all,

I am just disappointed in myself for
Not being able to get a hold of you because of that pride

even when the girl came to mend everything, he just ignored her, he knew she would stop, just like how the rain would soon end. Well, he just didn't care anymore.

On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well

But, it's whole different story in his heart. He's acting so contradictorily, mentioned here :

Well this doesn't mean that I miss you, no it doesn't mean that

I personally think, he must be thinking, what is the exact feeling inside me - longing?? Yes, he longed to get back with her, but he knew, he just couldn't.

I have to say, letting go doesn't mean losing that person, it's just maybe for better, at least the person you let go, would be searching for his or her own definition of happiness with someone who can take care of him or her much better.

Now there is no path for me to return
But looking at your happy face
I will still try to laugh since I was the one
Without the strength to stop you

Ahhh, how I wish it's raining out there when I'm writing this, but it's just not. Full translation of the lyrics is down here, but if you wish to sing along to this song, feel free to watch the above video. This song has no music video, so just bear with the awesome fan-made video, which I personally adore, with the rain and the BEAST members as the background.

[Doojoon] When the world turns dark
And the rain quietly falls
Everything is still

[Kikwang] Even today, without a doubt
I can’t get out of it
I can’t get out from the thoughts of you

[Yoseob] Now
I know that it’s the end
I know that it’s all just foolishness
Now I know that it’s not true
[Hyunseung] I am just disappointed in myself for
Not being able to get a hold of you because of that pride

[Yoseob] On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well

[Junhyung] I must be drunk, I think I need to stop drinking
Since the rain is falling, I think I might fall as well
Well this doesn't mean that I miss you, no it doesn't mean that
It just means that the time we had together was a bit sharp
When it's the type of day that you really liked
I keep opening the raw memories of you
Making the excuse that it's all memories, I take a step forward
I don't even make the effort to escape

[Dongwoon] Now
I erased all of you
I emptied out all of you
But when the rain falls again
[Kikwang] All the memories of you I hid with effort
It all comes back, it must be looking for you

[Yoseob] On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well

(To you)
[Hyunseung] Now there is no path for me to return
But looking at your happy face
[Dongwoon] I will still try to laugh since I was the one
Without the strength to stop you

[Yoseob] On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well

[Junhyung] What can I do about something that already ended?
I'm just regretting after like the stupid fool I am
Rain always falls so it will repeat again
When it stops, that's when I will stop as well

[Junhyung] Rain always falls so it will repeat again
When it stops, that's when I will stop as well

Full translation of the lyrics, credit to : YONGISM at

F says :
It's been a while since it last rained here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love lesson #1

On Rainy Days - BEAST

I admit, recently, not recently, it's been a while actually, I'm more attracted to a guy with a great personality, before his face. Well, put aside Changmin and Junhyung, they're the exceptions tho. Heeee.

I'm typing this, not because I'm currently in love, or whatsoever anything that crosses your mind when we talk about love. But it just pops into my mind tonight, I asked myself, have I ever loved someone from different gender sincerely??

9 years ago, it was my puppy love. I don't know whether to even call it LOVE, but he was [and I hope he still is] seriously a nice and good guy. Handsome?? Well, as for me, he didn't fit well to my dream guy criteria. But good thing about him, he always made me feel so good and comfortable around him. And he had a very good sense of humour, making me laughed non-stop every time we hanged around. More stories about him, read here . He left for USA when we were 13, came back at the end of the same year he left, he did contact me, but we didn't go far. And I lost contact with him afterwards.

First love?? Love at the first sight?? I don't know whether I've ever had felt that.

Crushes?? Countless. Here and there. I even had one crush every academic year when I was in high school. From the seniors, to my own batchmates. I didn't think I ever had a crush on any of my classmate tho, well, even I had, it's all started after I ended my high school.

I did fall for a guyfriend of mine. Never knew he was sooooo nice and good and caring and funny, and all, because he never showed all of that when we were in school. Well, maybe because I wasn't that close with him at school, and maybe it's only me that found out how nice he was, only after school.

Who's that guy?? Hey come on!! I told about him so many times here, that I believed some of you had gone puking, after reading those stories of him. Just search under the keyword "crushes", you'll find them all. Hahaha.

Love lesson for today : 

Confess, if you like that person. Who knows, he or she likes you for a long time, just like you do.
But for any scaredy-cat like me, well, let us search the BEAST BEST way to confess without hurting or embarrassing ourselves.

F says :

I love rain.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been under deep depression these few days. In fact, it was actually almost a week already. I cried, I kept silent, I was mad, and sometimes I even laughed and smiled to myself. How silly.

I felt like I just wanted to drown myself into the water..water does make me calm and feel more soothing.

No worries, I'll be fine, I'll be okay. I'll get over this in no time.

Okay, peace!!

F says :

Twitter rocks when FB's not.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My shoutbox is officially closed, removed. Any inquiries, feel free to click on the Contact Me. Fill in the form, and it would be directly sent to my e-mail.

F says :

That's all.

Day Six: 10 items I can't live without.

1. Tisu.

Pantang keluar rumah, keluar bilik, nak gi kelas ke, nak gi jalan-jalan ke, TISU WAJIB dibawa bersama. F senang dapat runny nose, walaupun terbau belacan 2 km jauhnya, walaupun duduk kat auditorium berpenghawa dingin selama 2 minit, walaupun makan benda yang takde rasa pedas. Maka tisu mesti ADA. Kalau dalam peket dah habis, paw saja tisu kotak tu!!

2. Henfon.

Kalau kat rumah, sebenarnya tak kisah pun keluar ke mana-mana kalau tak bawa henfon. Lebih malang, di rumah, henfon ibarat melukut di tepi gantang. Tapi kalau di Kuantan, mestilah bawa henfon, kalau ke kelas, nak kontek kawan cakap kelas mula lambat ke, kelas dibatalkan ke, kelas tukar tempat ke. Kalau ke ECM, takut sesat dalam ECM, siapa nak jawab haa? ECM kan besar gedabak, memang harus sesat, melainkan guna henfon, SMS kawan, nak kena tunggu kat mana-mana.

LEBIH PENTING, henfon mesti kena ada waktu nak naik bas, sebab nak kena apdet kawasan persekitaran pada bos. Dan harus telefon kat bos, nak tunggu kat mana, pukul berapa bila dah menghampiri destinasi.

3. Encik Acer.

Kesayangan buah hati pengarang jantung pisang sejak November 2007. Walaupun mula-mula beli, hanya ada 512MB RAM dan 120 GB HDD [masih kekal sampai sekarang] dan guna Windows XP.

Lepas tu je upgrade ke Windows Vista sampai hanged Encik Acer, dan sampai tuan empunya menangis merajuk dengan laptop yang tak berperasaan itu. Dah tahan sikit, terus upgrade jadi Windows 7 dan tambah 2GB RAM waktu Encik Acer rosak tahun lepas.

Sayang tak terkata sampai sanggup makan tidur ngan Encik Acer.

4. Air.

Bangun tidur, minum air. Main laptop, minum air. Makan, minum air. Apa-apa je lah. Tak boleh tak minum air rasa lembik seluruh badan. Bila dah tak terpisah dengan air, maka haruslah tak berenggang dengan Tumbler kesayangan.

5. Tumbler.

No.4 sudah menjelaskan segalanya betapa perlunya Tumbler itu untuk diisi air.

6. Pakaian.

Hello~~~ Kalau tak, nak pakai apa dong??

7. Duit.

Serius perlukan duit gila-gila sekarang, tapi kerja tak nak. Duit Nuffnang boleh tahan tapi masalahnya, nak kena tunggu la pulak. Duit oh duit..

8. Buku / novel.

Tak semestinya kena baca, tapi kena tengok. Rasa seronok tengok buku-buku, perasaan yang menyenangkan terus hadir. Kadang-kadang, angkut je buku / novel tu ke hulur ke hilir, tapi bacanya, tidak. Hehehe.

9. Makanan.

Ini patut letak nombor 1 nuh. Penting ni!! Hahaha. Kalau tak makan, kerja pun serba tak jalan oh.

10. Dah takde idea. Hahaha

F cakap :

Benda senang macam ni pun tak boleh buat.

Being me #4

You know why do I stay quiet and ignore people most of the time??

It's either one of us is mad to the other, resulting me, to say silent to avoid creating even a spark of anger, either it comes from me, or the other person. I don't even make any face, I don't even pout as I used to do; I just do my own things, talk to some people if I need it, and that's all. Fullstop.

Why are you trying so hard to make me pissed off, and let me blow my mind with your unreasonable words?? You don't even know what's going on, you just come running to me, saying those things. My confidence had totally collapsed by your stupid choices of words. I cried all night long, and I even hurt both my eyes.

The downside of a F, when she cries, especially the one with her heart out, she would have serious headache and non-stop runny nose. She can't avoid from ignoring the PCM pills on her table, thus taking 2 of them. So that at least the tears would stop, the nose would be clean and the head would be clear. SO AT LEAST she could sleep well without sobbing anymore.

The worst night of my life.

People stare at me like I started everything. I don't care, I don't even give a damn of how you're looking at me differently. I try so hard not to judge people, not to be judged back like that. Anyhow, whatever!

When I'm stressed out, all the bad and painful memories, whether they're related or not to my current situation, come back into my mind. I can't stop them. All I know, I start crying for another reason and keep blaming myself for everything that has happened.

Remember, I'm annoying, I have bad-ass attitude, I'm 90 percent crazy, and I'm rebellious most of the time, at heart. SO, without further a do, you may want to think twice or more, before approaching the tiny circle of me.

That's all.

With that, I thank you.

F says :

Holding on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Five: 10 wishes.

1. I want to be a good person.

2. I want to master my cookings and pastries, cookies and cakes-making.

3. I want to earn a lot of money.

4. I want to indulge myself in the word of food.

5. I want to travel around the world - South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe countries.

6. I want to read a lot of books as much as I can.

7. I want to own all DVDs and CDs of TVXQ and BEAST.

8. I want a big house, nope, a bungalow, nope a mansion!!

9. I want to stay befriended with my crazy friends.

10. I want to have my own business.

F says :

Oh, how I wished!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


What past is past, just put it behind you. Easily said, right?? But I always do believe, everything happens for a good reason. Seriously.

I know well, I am not a good or right person to talk about separation. I'll leave that to the most expertised people. My simple note for you, stay strong and move on. Maybe not now, but soon, trust me, you'll be strong than ever and could be telling those stories of yours to your children, or maybe grandchildren.

The Heart-breaking Story - Wheesung feat Junhyung [BEAST/B2ST]

My so-called ex rapped for this song. It still doesn't ring you a bell, right?? It's Junhyung, baby. My Mr Joker. Heee. Love this song soooooo freaking much. Maybe the soft, melodious voice of  the ballad singer, Wheesung, makes the song sounds so perfect.

The lyrics, needless to say, is so meaningful. Kudos to those who translated the lyrics, you've done a well-deserved-two-thumbs-up job!! Well, as for the music video, it's simple, yet enough to deliver the story of the song.

I want the glasses that Junhyung wore in the MV so badly, can I??!!!

Also known as Heartsore Story.

F says :

I know, this is not enough.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Being me #3

Hari-hari mesti dengar, baca dan tengok berita kes simbah asid. Agaknya, si penyimbah ni memang tak baca surat khabar, tak tengok TV la kot. Sebab tu dia berani lagi gi dok simbah asid kat orang. Harap kau kena tangkap cepat-cepat. Dengar cerita, sekarang ni, taktik ketuk cermin kereta, suruh turunkan tingkap, konon-konon nak minta tolong. Sekali, disimbahnya orang. Betul atau tidak berita ni, tak pasti, sebab dapat tahu pun, kat Twitter. Tapi, beringat-ingatlah selalu ok??

Hari-hari mesti perang dengan nyamuk. Dah tak kira siang ke malam ke, nak dibedalnya tangan dan kaki sampai dah merah-merah. Nak tampar, mesti tak dapat. Bertambah-tambah pulak stres. Lagi tensi, pabila datang menerpa ke muka. Aiyoh, macam tak puas kacau kaki dan tangan tu.

Hari hari mesti minum Milo ais. Milo, mesti tak kurang 3 sudu besar, kalau tak, nanti tak KAW!! Nikmat rasanya dapat minum Milo ais di kala matahari terik di luar. Malamnya pulak, ketagi minum susu Anlene, tapi tak dilupa nak tambah satu sudu besar Milo. Rasa lagi berkrim. Sesuai sangatlah untuk orang yang tak tahan minum susu putih terusan macam tu.

Hari-hari sedaya-upaya nak habiskan minum sekurang-kurangnya 2 hingga 3 tumbler air kosong. Nak hidratkan badan. Tumbler asalnya nak guna isi air dan letak dalam peti ais, bagi sejuk. Tapi akhirnya, 24 jam berkepit dengan tumbler air, sebab bibir merekah. Nak kena pastikan minum air kosong sebanyak mungkin. Tumbler siap dibawa masuk dalam bilik tidur, letak kat sebelah, kalau-kalau dahaga tengah-tengah malam, boleh sambar je terus, minum air.

Hari-hari tengah ajar diri guna air suam panas untuk cuci muka dan bilas guna air sejuk. Muka masih ada jerawat, kadang-kadang sampai pedih muka pun ada. Ingat nak cuba makan kapsul Virgin Coconut Oil [VCO], sebab khabarnya, banyak kebaikannya selain kurangkan jerawat kat muka. Tengoklah, kalau-kalau ada duit. Ni musim kering gila.

# Al-Fatihah buat mangsa-mangsa yang terkorban dalam tragedi tanah runtuh di Hulu Langat. Dan semoga ALLAH permudahkan urusan kerja-kerja menyelamat mangsa-mangsa lain yang tertimbus. Khabarnya, sehingga entri ini ditulis, 9 orang terkorban, 9 berjaya diselamatkan dan 7 yang lain masih tertimbus. Mari kita sama-sama panjatkan doa, semoga semuanya berakhir dengan selamatnya.

F cakap :


Day Four: 10 things I want to say to a person.

I'm not sure to call this a repost or not, but I'm pretty sure that this entry was out once, before bloghost had troubles.

Dear you...

1. Please, do take care of me. Seriously. Most of the times, I would be overreacting over the littlest thing, crying over nothing and laughing like there's no tomorrow.

2. Love me the way I am, and I promise you, I'll be better. No worries for I would always love you the way you are.

3. Let's travel around the world. It's been my dream for a while, but it would be no fun if I go alone, with no companion. And I hope, the unfortunate companion would be YOU. :))

4. I wish you know how to cook. ;);)

5. Congregational prayer. Feel free to be the imam.

6. Let's go camping, let's play basketball together, let's walk along the beach, let's do a bicycle race and etc.

7. I love eating, so do excuse me when I'm too absorbed with eating and FOOD, because I won't be able to give you my attention.

8. Let's do awesome stuffs, i.e. dancing in the rain perhaps??

9. You don't have to be romantic all the time, for me, it's good enough knowing that you love me, and say it once a while.

10. Help me.

F says :

Some would be like 'Eeeewww..'

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Puding kastard jagung.

Buat puding ni lebih kurang 2 minggu lepas. Mula-mula sekali nak cakap, MANYAK SEDAP WOOH!! Mesti cuba buat, terutama dengan cuaca yang agak kepanasan kan. Waktu nak buat, memang dugaan sangat-sangat-sangat. Satu, mula-mula gula habis. Dua, nak buka plastik gula yang lain, tengok-tengok, dijajahi semut-semut. Sepetang berperang dengan semut seangkatan tu.

Sebab kat rumah, manalah ada sangat bekas cantik-cantik, apatah lagi ramekin yang menjadi idaman hati, apa yang termampu, F hanya letak dalam bekas plastik biasa je. Bekas plastik disimpan dalam peti ais sebelum nak mula buat puding ni, konon-konon, pabila dah senduk masuk puding nanti, cepatlah sejuk gamaknya. Padahal, tip tu untuk loyang besi je kalau tak silap.

Resipi daripada Kak Ummi Home Sweet Home Kuantan. Hehehe. Ada derhaka sikit je bahagian jagung tu, sebab takde jagung berkrim, maka F gunakan satu tin kernel jagung [maksudnya jagung dengan air je dalam tin tu].

1 cawan tepung kastad
1 1/2 cawan jagung manis (dalam tin) - F guna satu tin kernel jagung, masukkan dengan airnya sekali.
3/4 cawan gula - boleh kurangkan kalau nak kurang manis.
3 cawan air
1 1/2 cawan susu cair (ummi guna fresh milk) - F pun guna susu segar Dutch Lady.
1 sudu besar susu pekat manis - F pandai-pandai menambah sebab konon-konon nak jadi jagung berkrimlah. 

Pertama kali buat, memang terus jatuh cintan sama itu puding kastard la!! Sebab masa tu, hujan tak berapa nak turun, maka pabila dimakan masa musim panas, memang nikmat la! Semua orang laju je ngap ngap, biar pun mula-mula Opah cakap manis sangat, tapi bertambah-tambah makan puding tu. 

Abah pulak dok fenin tengok puding kaler kuning terang sangat, maka disuruhnya kurangkan colouring. F cakaplah, tak guna colouring pun, mungkin disebabkan oleh tepung kastard tu kot. Jenama yang lain daripada kebiasaan yang guna kat rumah ni.

Mama suruh buat lagi. Okeylah, malam ni, gi borong jagung bertin-tin la. Hehehehe.

F cakap :
Dok pulun mushroom soup je seharian ni.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being me #2

Alhamdulillah, thanks for everyone's concern, I woke up this morning with a better throat. Hahaha. Anna suggested that I should drink the tamarind juice and lots of water, which I did, before I slept last night. Not the tamarind juice, because I was too lazy to mix the tamarind paste with water at 3 o'clock in the morning. I drank about a glass of water, plus taking a lozenge of Fisherman's Friends Sugar Free Lemon, my throat did get better.

Thanks also to my beloved cik Zaty and 'akak misi' dearie, cik Nurain. Hahaha. Except for my cracked lips, everything went well and I even got the strength to make the simplest thick mushroom soup ever. I'll post the entry later on.

The whole family, well, except Opah-lar, is all addicted to iced Milo. In every two weeks or less, we would always have to buy a new pack of 1kg Milo.

My Mama invited me, or should I say, sort of forcing me, hahaha, to do a joint-venture with her, for a carnival in USM hospital next week. Mama would be selling her infamous soto, its paste and sambal kicap, too. So, she asked me to prepare the poster, the price list, and even to bake some cookies and cakes. Thus, we'll be going out to get the stuffs needed and I'm still drafting what to bake or cook, and have to prepare the ingredients' list, too.

I'm out of ideas, so I'll be giving myself until this evening, to finish the list.

Oh, my onion plant went wilted, sob sob sob. I'm planting the new ones, and I must also get ready for new plants, like the tomatoes and aubergines, since Abah bought the seeds this morning. The soil is ready and maybe this evening, I'll fill the pots, if I were not so lazy. Hahaha

F says :

I lost my mood of downloading.

Being me.

I started feeling that I was getting sick. In fact, I am. I can't stop sneezing and my throat sores so much that I have difficulty swallowing even the saliva.

Oh, the history speaks for me. I realise that I've been slacking off these few days, lacked of water, of course. Oh, I hope to get better as soon as possible. There's a project, me and my Mama, is planning on.

Get well soon, dear F. You're strong, but you still have to drink a LOT of water.

Project planning, marketing strategies, would be discussed tomorrow. Sounds like a big one, haa? Nope, it's not. It's just, you know, I'll tell you later.

F says :

Now, go to sleep!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The books.

I have about 10 books, pending to be read. Hahaha. I'm too lazy. Lazy for anything. The only thing I care about is my onion plant. That's all. Oh, and eating, too. Mama made the best "ayam masak kicap" [chicken in the soy sauce] in the world!! Three plates of rice for my dinner, oh plus the 4 pieces of the chicken. Mama jjang!!

Thank you so much BookXcess!! My Abah banked in the RM 83 by Thursday, they posted through the Pos Laju [as I requested] on Friday and I received all 4 of them, yesterday, Sunday. YEAY!! I'll tell more in other entry if I were not so lazy. Hahaha.

F says :

Is till recovering from the after-effect of consuming the Actifed.
It's a cold medicine.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Baru rasa perit tengok entri buat penat-penat hilang. Mengikut status kat, entri dan komen telah di 'back-up' dan akan dikembalikan [restore]. Dan F salah seorang yang belum dapat lagi entri terbaru, yakni 2 hari yang lepas. Draf entri yang buat semalam pun hilang. Masa tengok draf tu hilang, sumpah nak nangis gila-gila, sebab dok perah otak nak fikir apa nak tulis. Oh, siapa cakap tulis blog ni senang?? Walaupun untuk mengekspresikan hasil pemikiran, tapi itu pun dikira usaha keras jugak.

Blogger is back to normal now, so you can post now. We're still working on restoring some of the data. For more details, see this post:

Itu kata mereka. Jawabnya, F nantikan sajalah hasilnya. Tapi tak tahula pulak sama ada draf yang terhasil tu, dapat balik ke tidak. Kalau tak dapat, oh sedih ah. Rasa nak merajuk dan lari jauh-jauh ah macam ni.

Telah mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga dengan meng "follow" blog sendiri. Itu je kot cara yang boleh fikir buat masa sekarang, sebab pabila 'follow' blog, memang boleh tengok kat GoogleReader. Sekurangnya, kalu nak repost macam cik Zaty, adala jalannya.

F cakap :

Kalau kat Kuantan sekarang ni, mesti dah emo gila tak dapat nak apdet blog.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spot the not.

Venue : KTM Mid Valley Megamall.
Time : 9.14 p.m.
Date : 18/04/2011

This is sooooo random, I know. But I just couldn't help myself at that time, not to take the picture. That was taken, when waiting for the KTM train to arrive, together with my Abah and siblings, and Mak Lang also.

F says :

*tegah --> tengah*

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Three: 10 things I hate

Hate is a strong word, you know?? Well, I do hate some things, but some are much better to be put as 'dislike'.

1. Cockroaches.

When I was small, I never knew that those cockroaches could actually fly. So, facing them, wasn't that scary, until one day, when I encountered the one that actually flew towards me. Later on, when the presence of one of them could be felt and told, I would be the first person to run away. Only when I was alone, well, at least, I had the effort to search for Ridsect aerosol can, and sprayed to it as much as I could. Then, it would be left in dizziness until it rested in peace.

2. Lizards.

I seriously hate these creatures. I do find them at home, but it's in Kuantan, the beginning of all the hatred. They appeared out of nowhere, much to my surprise. To make it worse, they always came in the middle of the night, when I was studying, listening to music or watching some random videos. Oh, the sound that they made, oh my gosh, it's freaking annoying. There was one case, when I was sleeping at night, I could hear it's making noise just next to me!!

3. Mosquitoes.

At home, they were a lot. And still are. Sometimes, even there's only one left, that flying creature with its noise, loved to linger around my head, specifically, my ears. Like there's no other place to fly around. Not to mention, the marks they left on my legs, my arms and all, it's sooooooo itchy!!

4. Hot weather.

I am fine with the warm one, but having the current weather just like right now, at home, the temperature actually reaches at about 38 degrees Celcius. I sweat, more than I have ever had when I was exercising. Doing just a little bit of work, with the least effort ever, could make my shirt wets from all the sweats. Feels like I've been doing labour work.

5. Sleepiness.

Especially when I was having a serious lecture to focus on. That happened, mostly, whenever I lack of sleep, OR sleep too much. It seriously makes me tired all day, and I tend to spend the other free time, just to sleep. Well, I actually love sleeping, so I guess, this one, should just be in the 'dislike' category.

6. Empty purse.

I actually sympathize with myself. I hate seeing the purse is only filled with coins *sob sob sob*, and I have to travel so far just to withdraw, just to make sure my purse, is at least having some real money. Hahaha.

7. Misplaced things.

To make it look more pathetic, the thing that I'm searching for, actually is just around me. Like a pen, it's just at the corner of the study table.

8. Brassica junsea.

In English, it's the mustard green. In Malay, 'sawi'. I don't know why, but I just remove all of the pieces whenever I find them in my food.

9. ***

10. ***

So I'm stucked. I don't know what else I hate. You tell me.

F says :

I do watch AF9.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Two: 10 things I love

Almost failed to do this, but tried so hard to gather some strengths to finish it. Hahaha.

1. Lappy.

My laptop. My first laptop that I ever had, from November 2007 and is still standing. Been repaired twice, one for the power outlet malfunction, and the other, was unknown, it just turned black when I tried to switch it on. Right now, he's strong as ever, with upgraded RAM from 512MB to 2GB, and complete with Microsoft 7. Never intended to switch.

2. DVDs.

Especially the TVXQ's concerts' DVDs and All About TVXQ Season 3 boxset. I once thought of selling them off, but changed my mind afterwards.

3. Jeans.

From Ladylike. It's SOOOOOO comfy that I could wear it to sleep. The material is light enough for me to walk miles from anywhere to everywhere. I even wore it to hike the hill, near Teluk Cempedak.

4. Sweater.

It has stayed with me from my foundation year. The one that keeps me warm through all the night journeys in the bus.

5. Perfume.

Bought in Langkawi last year. Fell in love at the very first smell of it; it's the Lancome's Miracle So Magic.

6. Handphone.

My Sony Ericsson W508, white in colour, given by my parents, 2 years back. The one that accompanies me all this time - making calls, sending messages, taking photos and all.

7. Yakult!!

My day feels incomplete if I don't have at least a bottle of it. Helps a lot with my digestion system.

8. Pillows.

I have a lot. Like seriously, A LOT! At home, it's not much, but once you get into my room in Kuantan, you know what I mean.

9. Kuantan room.

I seriously in LOVE with my room in IIUM Kuantan. The comfy single bed, the study table that I changed its location to face the windows, and the locker. I miss them, freaking much.

10. LUNA pencil colours.

Has 48 of them. Had it since I was 15. I rarely used it, most of the time, borrowed by my friends.

F says :

Have a lot to tell, but just can't.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day One: 10 things about me

1. The eldest out of five.

2. Eats  A LOT!!

3. Is currently in love with Shim Changmin.

4. Stalks my crushes over and over again. [p/s : new crush on the roll!!]

5. Loves books, but forgets what it feels like being a bookworm, few years back.

6. Blogs for fun, expressing ideas and feelings.

7. A rebel-typed of girl, you wish you never knew.

8. Loyal to those I love.

9. Is having fun, doing things at the very last minute. The joy of high pressure and strong tension.

10. I miss dribbling the basketball.

F says :

My result was just an O-K. :))

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 things in 10 days

Well, Innz and Elynn, are both doing this, so I was thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to be doing this too, at least for the sake of keeping this blog updated. Heeee. But there's one thing that I'm afraid of, that I would not be able to do this, well, history speaks for itself, I stopped doing the Project 30 Days, at only Day One!! Hahaha.

                                           day one: 10 things about you
day two: 10 things you love
day three: 10 things you hate
day four: 10 things you want to say to one person
day five: 10 wishes
day six: 10 items you can't live without
day seven: 10 important people
day eight: 10 of your favourite songs
day nine: 10 ways to win your heart
day ten: 10 final words

I 'll try to commit myself to this one. 

F says :

Should I start today??


Apdet cepat-cepat sebab dah nak masuk tidur. Dah tak boleh tidur lambat-lambat, nanti Abah tak senang hati. Hahaha. Benda yang buat dia rasa lega apabila tengok anak dia tidur lagi awal daripada dia, sebab sejuk mata. Hehehe.

Alhamdulillah, tahniah buat Abah dan Mama, Toyota Innova selamat berada di depan rumah dah. Hampir seminggu nak selesaikan semua urusan, dan tanggal 2 Mei 2011, kereta dibawa pulang. YEAY!! Nantilah kita cerita lain pulak.

Tadi, berjaya buat donat buat pertama kali selama hidup 21 tahun atas muka bumi pinjaman Allah S.W.T. ni. Hehehe. Suka sangat, sebab rangup di luar, lembut GILOS di dalam. Itu pun, nanti letak entri lain.

Sekarang, dok buat kerja saat-saat akhir, tolong scan kawan Mama punya kertas-kertas dan sijil-sijil. Jenuh menunggu printer ni buat kerja. Lambat sangat, sampai berpeluh-peluh dah, walaupun dah tengah malam.

Kelantan mengalami kemarau, senang cerita, panas dan kering tanpa hujan walau setitik jua. Haritu ke bandar Kota Bharu, nampak pengukur suhu digital, tunjukkan, 38 darjah Celsius. Cuma dua tiga hari ni je, kurang sikit je. Tak pun, sebab dah terbiasa mandi peluh, sampai rasa suhu tiap-tiap hari pun, sama je.

Itu je. Malas nak apdet, entahla. Dok asyik mood memuat turun drama Korea pulak. Okeyla, gerak dulu. Jaga diri!!

F cakap :

Mandi peluh di tengah malam.