Friday, April 15, 2011

Recommended : Chicken Cordon Bleu at Secret Recipe

This time, I just can't say much. Ideas aren't coming lately, so I'm having trouble updating FM as usual. No longer facing the Internet problem, since there is seriously EXCELLENT Internet connection at my uncle's house, it's just me.

Chesse's overflowing from the chicken meat. YUMMY!!!

My cafe mocha, err, not much to my expectation though.

Mira's Chicken Parmigiana. DELICIOUS, too!!

I shared my all-time favourite cake ever, Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence, with Mira.

And this is Maslin's Tiramisu.

Chamomile tea, FREE, came with the order of any cake, when dining in. It's so fragrant that, drinking the tea, felt so soothing. A MUST-try!!

I'll post the prices later.

F says :

Missing when you're gone.
It hurts.

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Daffodil said...


nak secret recipe jugakkkkk!
kempunann sesangatt!

sob sob sob