Saturday, April 9, 2011


Things are 50% cleared from my room, I mean, not out from my room, some things from the closet, are already in my big fat luggage. All consist of my clothes, well, can't bear of leaving them all here for 5 months, who knows what would happen. Thank God, Abah is fine with it.

Yes, the evacuation notice has long been out on the board, and we all have no other choice, except to obey. However, those who would stay for the upcoming short semester, are not included. Well, they do have to evacuate, but not now.

Oh, another 30% would be cleared by this Sunday, after my Molecular Cell Biology final exam. 20% more would be on the last day I'm here. On the very next week.

Am so gonna miss my 'home-sweet-home' room. The room that I've fallen in love with, days by days. Never felt so secured, unless being in this room of mine. We'll part ways though, but who knows, which room, next, I would be meeting with.

F says :

I just don't want to leave.

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zuk zuhaiza said...

awlnye..semangat..bila balek?